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PDGA Website Advertising

The PDGA’s advertising and sponsorship programs are designed to provide disc golf businesses with attractive opportunities for promoting their products on the sport’s number one website,, and to support the PDGA in producing some of its key printed, promotional, electronic, and video resources.

You can find details on different advertising opportunities, followed by a set of bulk discount rates below. Please note that some ad opportunities have limited spaces and these will be awarded on a first come first served basis. All parties advertising in PDGA print materials will receive complimentary copies of these products.

Once you have determined which opportunities you would like to participate in, please download and fill out the PDGA Advertising Order Form and email it to [email protected]. When the PDGA receives your order, we will confirm and advise when and where to send your artwork and you will be invoiced accordingly. Website Analytics

  • Timeframe: Jan 1, 2017 – Dec 31, 2017
  • Visits: 9,072,741
  • Unique Visitors: 1,963,529
  • Pageviews: 37,820,025
  • Average Pageviews: 4.17

Top Page Types:

  1. Tournament Results
  2. Player Statistics/Profile
  3. Event Schedule
  4. Home
  5. Live Scoring
  6. Course Directory

Advertisement Requirements abides by the standards set by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). Please review the guidelines below before submitting any advertisements.

  • The file size for any submitted advertisement must be less than or equal to:
    • 200kb or less for any 728x90 or 300x250 ad.
    • 80kb for any 120x60 ad.
    • 50kb for any 320x50 ad.
  • Animated GIFs must be less than or equal to 15 seconds. Animated GIFs should only play through the animation once. 
  • Ad unit content must be clearly distinguishable from normal webpage content (i.e. ad unit must have clearly defined borders and not be confused with normal page content).

For a full list of the ad-spec requirements, please review the Universal Ad Package (UAP) section of the IAB Display Advertising Guidelines. Home Page Sponsor is the number one internet resource for disc golf in the world each year, with 6 million visits by nearly 1.5 million unique visitors resulting in 28.6 million pageviews each year. Your logo, linking to your website, will be prominently displayed on the home page at giving you maximum exposure and the biggest bang for your advertising buck. Fourteen total spots are available on a first come first served availability with seven logo links displayed at a time. Logo links change position each time the page is refreshed to ensure fair and equal exposure and placement for all advertisers.

Ad Specs:

120 pixels wide X 60 pixels high


  • $1950 per year
  • $195 per month Premium Ads

The PDGA has developed partnerships with third-party ad networks to deliver targeted premium ads to our website for national brands. In addition, the PDGA is offering direct sales of premium ad spots. Direct sales ads will display twice as often as third-party network ads. These premium ad spaces are offered to advertisers on a first come, first served basis. Home Page

Ad Specs:

  • Top Banner - 728 pixels wide X 90 pixels high
  • Block - 300 pixels wide X 250 pixels high


  • Top Banner - $1500/yr or $150/mo
  • Block - $1200/yr or $120/mo
  • $2500/yr or $250/mo for both Tournament Results Pages

Ad Specs: Top Banner - 728 pixels wide X 90 pixels high


  • $1500 per year
  • $150 per month Player Statistics Pages

Ad Specs:Top Banner - 728 pixels wide X 90 pixels high


  • $1500 per year
  • $150 per month Event Schedule Pages

Ad Specs: Top Banner - 728 pixels wide X 90 pixels high


  • $1500 per year
  • $150 per month

PDGA Live Scoring (

Please send an email to our Media Manager if you are interested in advertising on the live scoring page. Since the events being live scored vary throughout the year, advertising packages are customized to suit each event. Course Directory Pages

Ad Specs: Top Banner - 728 pixels wide X 90 pixels high


  • $1250 per year
  • $125 per month

Specific Pages

If there are any other pages you would like to advertise on within the site, please send an email to our Media Manager to discuss a custom advertising package.

For information about advertising on, contact the PDGA Media Manager, Matt Gregoire. Advertising
706-261-6342 x109

PDGA Disc Golf Weekly Update E-newsletter

Your ad will be included in the PDGA Disc Golf Weekly Newsletter, e-mailed to 45,000+ PDGA members and non-members around the world every Tuesday, year-round. There are three different slots for banner ads (top, middle, bottom), with all ad slot positions rotating weekly.

Ad Specs:

  • Banner - 320 pixels wide X 50 pixels high


  • $1500 per year
  • $150 per month

For information about advertising on the PDGA Weekly Disc Golf Newsletter, contact the PDGA Media Manager, Matt Gregoire. Advertising
706-261-6342 x109

DiscGolfer Magazine Advertising

DiscGolfer is the official publication of the Professional Disc Golf Association and is published quarterly (4 issues per year) with a circulation of approximately 15,000 copies per issue distributed via PDGA memberships, subscriptions and retail outlets. For information on 2016 DiscGolfer Magazine advertising, including ad specs and rates, visit the DiscGolfer Magazine page.

2016 DiscGolfer Production Schedule

Spring 2017/No. 33:

  • ad space closes Feb 6
  • ad due date: Feb 13
  • delivery to readers: mid-March

Summer 2017/No. 34:

  • ad space closes May 8
  • ad due date: May 15
  • delivery to readers: mid-June

Fall 2017/No. 35:

  • ad space closes Aug 7
  • ad due date: Aug 21
  • delivery to readers: mid/late-September

Winter 2018/No. 36:

  • ad space closes Nov 6
  • ad due date: Nov 13
  • delivery to readers: mid/late-December

For information on advertising in DiscGolfer Magazine contact Joe Chargualaf at:
Discgolfer Advertising
(706) 261-6342