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The eleventh PDGA Player Ratings Update for 2017 events has been published. This update includes all of the 2017 events and corrections received by the submission deadline of January 9, 2018. The next submission deadline is Tuesday, February 6, 2018 for the final 2017 events update scheduled to be published on Tuesday, February 27, 2018.

Players: If you did not yet receive credit for an event you competed in, please check the list below BEFORE contacting the PDGA Office.

  • If you are looking at the results page of a specific event, either "Unofficial Results" or "Official Results" will be displayed at the top of the page directly below the "Event Info" section.
  • If the event is listed as "Unofficial Results" then it has yet to be reported.  Please look for the event after the next Player Ratings update is published.
  • If the event is listed as "Official Results", and you don't have credit for it on your player profile, then your PDGA number was not submitted with the results. If your PDGA number is missing, please send an email to the PDGA Tour Manager with your name, PDGA #, and the date and name of the event(s) that your PDGA # should be assigned to.

(Note: If you see a silver trophy icon next to the tournament on the PDGA Tour Schedule, that means the results are still unofficial. A gold trophy icon indicates that the results have been imported and are either already Official or will be Official in the next update.)