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The Mach Shift target made by DGA was PDGA Approved at the Basic level on 1-19-2018.

"The Mach Shift 3-in-1 Portable Practice Basket is an advanced and innovative lightweight all-metal disc golf basket that has three different catching positions: Standard Shift, Advanced Shift, and Pro Shift.

1.) Standart Shift Position: Standard catching area with two rows of chain.

2.) Advanced Shift Position: All chain hangs from the center 12 inch inner chain holder and the outer chain holder is removed.

3.) Pro Shift Position: For an added challenge the outer chain holder is removed like the Advanced Position and the chain assembly lowers using the telescoping pole with quick release lock to adjust the position.

The early reviews are in and the Mach Shift is proving to be not only a great backyard target, but a valuable training tool to improve your disc golf game." - by DGA