Camping: no
Facilities: no
Pay to Play: no
Handicap Accessible: no
Private: no
Tee Signs: no

Course Details

Course Type: Permanent
# Holes: 19
Target Type: Mach III
Tee Type: Rubber Mats
Elevation: 50/50 Flat/Hills
Foliage: Woodsy
Course Length: 5,988ft
Alternate Length: 5,280ft
Hole Length: Under 300ft: 8 | 300 - 400ft: 8 | Over 400ft: 3


From I-15; exit 190 (S. Helena). Turn west and go straight through roundabout. Halfway up the hill - 0.25 mile - on the left is the course. Park on one of the side streets as Saddle Dr. can be busy.


Course Map

Course Photos

This course has no photos.

Official Event Layouts

Hyzerbomb presents the Queen City Classic


QCC Round 1

  • Holes: 19
  • Length: 6,000 ft.
  • Par: 59
Round 1
  • Divisions: FA1, FPO, MA1, MA2, MA40, MJ18, MP40, MP50, MPO

QCC Round 2

  • Holes: 19
  • Length: 6,300 ft.
  • Par: 57
Round 2
  • Divisions: FA1, FPO, MA1, MA2, MA40, MJ18, MP40, MP50, MPO

The Queen City Classic driven by Innova



  • Holes: 19
  • Length: 6,000 ft.
  • Par: 57
Round 1
  • Divisions: FPO, MP40, MP50, MPO


  • Holes: 19
  • Length: 5,700 ft.
  • Par: 57
Round 1
  • Divisions: FA1, MA1, MA2, MA40


  • Holes: 19
  • Length: 6,500 ft.
  • Par: 58
Round 2
  • Divisions: FA1, FPO, MA1, MA2, MA40, MP40, MP50, MPO

Course Reviews

by michael bacon on May 11, 2018 at 10:13pm

Not positive who darwindave is but have a clue. He says course makes great use of its space then says it can be crowded at times. I won't bore you with hole to hole details but its a its approximately 30 acres where only 18 acres are used. Darwindave has basically only played crap Montana courses so you have to take that into consideration. Montana courses are good if mountain climbing is your favorite sport. This course is mild in that aspect. But still the alternate pin placement on hole 9 is where all the RHBH players throw their Destroyers when aiming for original placement. Just one example of discrimination. I played with the player this past summer that all the pros are afraid of. He still uses a DX Eclipse and can get as much distance as those with Destroyers. He still is a jerk which is why some rig their courses.

by DarwinDave on Apr 13, 2018 at 7:34am

Take the naysayer's opinions with a grain, or pound, of salt. This course is a blast! Boasts a yearly C-tier, the Queen City Classic, which is easily the best C tier I've been to! Course layout makes great use of it's space. Can be crowded at times due to the walking path, but is clearly visible from any teepads and only requires a bit of etiquette for it to not be an issue.

Great mix of shots needed to get through unscathed, especially with the relatively dry grass and slope style layout that punishes careless upshots with tough, but fair, roll-aways. You can't get away with a good score without having a versatile shot selection and angle control. A great challenge ran by folks that know disc golf well and care about our beloved sport! Can only imagine the test it will present after a few more year's worth of tree growth take away the few 'cheater' lines still present.

Try playing on a windy day! Would test even Ghandi's patience ;)

Lastly, disregard any statements about it being biased towards RHFH/LHBH players... A left hand back hand dominant player out of Idaho, Jared Person, won the 2017 QCC by something like 15 strokes during the 2 round event, including what I believe was a course-record 15 under par 42? May be off a bit, but damned close if I am.

One of my favorites! Great usage out of a public park area! Can't wait to see what else this great non-profit dg club pulls off in the coming years!

by michael bacon on Apr 19, 2016 at 9:12am

Baskets are actually Mach II. New pin placements have been added. New club that is a non-profit. Same members of sleeping giant club. Original long pins I would give course s 58 rating which is for 19 holes. Can't influence enough members of club to make course safer by removing a hole in NW section if course which is cluttered. Still if they would have contacted people like me that know how to design a course it could have been a premier course. Now it's barely adequate. As with any course nowadays vandalism is outrageous. Some people's kids.

by michael bacon on Jan 16, 2016 at 6:17pm

Another course blatantly designed to discriminate against RH sidearm or left-hand backhand throwers. If you throw RHBH you simply throw an easy hyzer on 17 of the nineteen holes. Other type thrower have to throw trick drives. It is so blantant that the tee boxes are angled to start your throw on the right of the fairway. Most holes are crowded in the NW section of course, making that section of course very unsafe. Baskets are actually the inferior Mach V's. Discs bounce out of basket regularly. Irregular flow of course. Meaning you walk by tee boxes to get to proper tee box. Two years of talk of making course safe have yield no action by local non-profit club. City installed walking path through middle of fairways. Five kinds of illegal noxious weeds grow on course. High use course with very little golf etiquette displayed by players. I quit their club because of the poor etiquette of many club members as did some of my neighbors.