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Am I obligated to order the special WGE player’s packages? (Tournament Directors)

No. However, we strongly encourage all WGE Tournament Directors to purchase the players’ packs since they are an exceptional value and will add to the visibility and impact of your event. WGE players’ packs can only be purchased through the Official PDGA Store.
TDs may purchase player packs through the Official PDGA Store beginning June 1, 2022. The pre-order wholesale pricing schedule of the WGE Players’ Pack items are below and are non-refundable. 

  • Order 10-24 WGE Player's’ Packs with free shipping for $25/each
  • Order 25-49 WGE Player's’ Packs with free shipping for $23/each
  • Order 50 or more WGE Player's Packs with free shipping for $20/each

After July 22, 2022

While supplies last, $30 for 1-9 WGE Players’ Packs with free shipping.

The WGE Players’ Pack items are:

Discs –

  • Innova Star Roadrunner with the WGE logo
  • Dynamic Discs Warden or Judge (randomly selected) with the WGE logo

WGE Merchandise

  • WGE Disc Golf Pin
  • PDGA mini
  • PDGA waffle towel with artwork by John Dorn
  • PDGA sticker with artwork by Justin Lago

Additional WGE items may be for sale on the Official PDGA Store. For events in the United States, the last day of ordering to guarantee that a WGE Players’ Pack arrives in time for the event is by July 22. Events outside of the USA should order the WGE Players’ Pack by June 10. All WGE items are scheduled to arrive by August 5.