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I submitted a sanctioning agreement for my WGE tournament, but I don’t see it on the PDGA online schedule yet. Do I need to do anything further? (Tournament Directors)

Please note that you must fulfill all of the requirements below for your tournament to show on the online event calendar. You have submitted an event sanctioning agreement.

  • You have paid all sanctioning fees.
  • You are a current PDGA member.
  • You are a PDGA certified official.

If you believe you have fulfilled all these requirements, but still don't see your event on the schedule, please contact the PDGA Event Support Assistant. To ensure that your event is highlighted on the schedule as a WGE event, please write “WGE” in the Event Notes field of the sanctioning agreement and include “WGE” in the title of your event in on of the following formats:

  • "WGE - NAME OF EVENT" for women's-only events
  • "NAME OF EVENT + WGE" for events that include Mixed divisions