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Tournament Central - Multiple Scorekeepers

For a brief walkthrough of the player experience using Digital Scorecard, visit the scorecard basics page and the multiple scorekeepers page. These are good links to provide to players before a tournament. These links show the use of multiple scorekeepers from the user's perspective, whereas this Help document is focused on explaining the process to tournament directors.

Multiple Scorekeepers

Digital Scorecard offers the capability of multiple scorekeepers on a single card. Any number of players on a card can log into Digital Scorecard and keep score independently, and their scores will be cross-referenced to each other behind the scenes. The players will be alerted on their Digital Scorecard if there is a mismatch between any hole scores and will be given an opportunity to correct the error. The tournament director can monitor all scorecards from Tournament Central and will be alerted of any mismatched scores. Multiple scorekeepers is a universal feature in Digital Scorecard, and the TD does not have to take any additional steps to enable it.

Multiple scorekeepers is designed to protect the players from accidental incorrect scores (typos or "fat-fingering") as well as serve as a safeguard against score manipulation. Having two or more players keep independent scores in Digital Scorecard also fulfills the dual-scorekeeping requirement set by Competition Manual 1.05.

TC Scoring Management

This example shows two players, Margaret Taylor and Sarah Polk, both signing into Digital Scorecard to keep score for the same round.

When competitors sign into Digital Scorecard with multiple scorekeepers, the user experience is largely the same as solo scorekeeping. Each competitor will sign in with the tournament access code and their own name or PDGA number. Separate tabs for each players score will be shown in Tournament Central for the TD to monitor the players' progress. 

TC Scoring Management

As players log in to Digital Scorecard as multiple scorekeepers, Tournament Central will display their scores as separate tabs.

As players enter scores for each hole, the scores are automatically compared to each other. If the scores match, Digital Scorecard will advance to the next hole. If the scores do not match, each player's scorecard will display a warning message to alert the scorekeeper of the conflicts. The players should immediately use the "View Conflicts" button to navigate to the conflicting score and correct it. The conflicting score will be clearly displayed with a red background. The players can then use the "Edit" button to return to the hole in question to correct the score before continuing. 

TC Scoring Management

Players using Digital Scorecard will receive warnings if there is a conflicting score and will be directed back to that hole to fix the scores.

As players handle the conflicting score in Digital Scorecard, the TD can view the conflicts in Tournament Central. In the "Scores" section of Tournament Central, any groups with a conflicting score will be highlighted with a red exclamation mark. The TD can expand that scorecard and view both player's scorecards to view the conflicts. The conflicting score will clearly be highlighted in red.

TC Scoring Management

Tournament Central will highlight any conflicting scores for the TD to monitor.

As the players correct the conflicts, the warnings in Tournament Central will disappear, and the round will progress as normal.

At the end of the round, the players will be prompted to submit their final scores in Digital Scorecard. If there is still a score conflict, Digital Scorecard will continue to warn the players. The players can return to the hole scores to correct the conflict, or they can choose to submit their scorecard anyway. 

TC Scoring Management

Digital Scorecard will warn the players if they try to submit the final scores with a conflict.

If players have submitted their scorecards while conflicting scores still exist, Tournament Central will display the red exclamation mark to alert the TD to the scores. Any scores that are submitted with a conflict do not receive a total score and are not displayed on the event results page until the TD takes action. The scores for the other players on the card will be automatically finalized and published on the results page as long as their scores match among the multiple scorekeepers.

TC Scoring Management

When players submit their scorecards with conflicts, the conflicted player will not receive an official score until the TD intervenes.

To fix the score for the conflicted player, click the "Add or edit scores for this group" link on that group's scorecard in Tournament Central. This page contains all the information the TD needs to declare an official score. After discussing the problem with the players, the TD can either pick a correct score from the Scores section or pick a correct scorecard from the Scorecards section to finalize the score and push the score the event results page. 

TC Scoring Management

The TD can select which score or scorecard should be used as the final score.

After selecting the official score, the warnings will be removed and the scorecard will be moved to the "Done" filter in the Scores section of Tournament Central. The official scorecard will be marked with a checkmark and shield icon. The conflicting score will be stored in the tournament database even after the scores have been finalized. The TD can still access the conflicting scorecards.

TC Scoring Management

After the TD has selected the correct score and finalized the scorecard.


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