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PDGA Innovation Grant Application

The PDGA Innovation Grant Program has been created to assist in the promotion and growth of the sport of disc golf and the Professional Disc Golf Association. Applicants are encouraged to think outside the box to create unique projects and programs that promote and increase awareness for the sport and association. Please contact the Innovation Grant Program with any questions. 


  1. Proposals should support the mission of the PDGA Innovation Grant Program.
  2. Applicants may request cash, PDGA memberships, PDGA merchandise or a combination of the three with total value not to exceed $1,000.
  3. Project ideas should be innovative and unique.
  4. Project ideas should promote the PDGA in a good light.
  5. Project ideas should help grow the sport by encouraging increased participation for players and/or spectators.
  6. The grant program was not created to fund the sanctioning of tournaments or leagues. For information regarding the sanctioning of a PDGA event see the PDGA Tour Standards.
  7. Innovation Grants will not fund tangible assets (i.e. computers/computer hardware, etc.) that will revert to the owner after the project is complete.
  8. Innovation Grants are not intended to fund businesses or business plan development.
  9. Innovation Grants will not fund the design, development, and/or installation of a disc golf course. 


Please use the form below to complete the grant and to submit supporting documents you wish to include in the application.

Incomplete applications that a) fail to meet the guidelines, and b) that are difficult to read, or c) to understand may be dismissed.

Contact Information
Project Information
Describe your innovative project.
Describe how this project will promote the sport of disc golf and the PDGA.
Project Details
List the name of each team member separated by commas.
What experience, qualifications, and disc golf related expertise do you have that will benefit this project?
What, if any, additional resources will be needed to complete this project? (people, equipment, partners)
You may upload any supporting documents you wish to include in your project request. Multiple documents should be compressed into a single .zip file.
Files must be less than 256 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png pdf doc docx ppt pptx xls xlsx mov mp3 zip.
Project Request
Applicants may request cash, PDGA memberships, PDGA merchandise or a combination of the three with total value not to exceed $1,000.
How much money are you requesting from the Innovation Grant program? (max. $1,000)
How many PDGA memberships are you requesting? (max. 50)
Describe the type and quantity of PDGA branded merchandise you are requesting. (max. value not to exceed $1,000)
List other funding sources being utilized or sought for this project.
How will the grant award be utilized?
Terms and Conditions
If your grant application is approved, the project leader agrees to:
  • Sign an agreement with the PDGA agreeing to abide by the terms of this application.
  • Include the PDGA logo on all printed material
  • Recognize the PDGA in all press announcements and media coverage related to the project.
  • Identify the PDGA as an underwriter of the project.
  • Hold the PDGA harmless from all claims, liabilities, causes of action and judgment arising out of the project.
  • Disclose to the PDGA, all financial aspects of the project funded by the grant.
  • Write an article about your completed project for possible publication on or in DiscGolfer Magazine.
  • Send pictures, newspaper articles, programs and other documents for the grants archive.

I, the undersigned, hereby certify that we have read and understand the PDGA Innovation Grant Program Policies and Procedures and, that all information included with our application is true and correct.