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How To Follow the 2019 Delaware Disc Golf Challenge

Austin Hannum sizes up a line at Iron Hill during the 2018 Delaware Disc Golf Challenge. The 2019 iteration of the event takes place this Friday through Sunday in Newark, Delaware. Photo: Tina Oakley

They say there's no rest for the wicked. That goes double for many of the pros trying to track down a PDGA National Tour Points Series title.

Just six days after the final putts dropped at the PDGA Professional Disc Golf World Championships in Peoria, Illinois, the competitors most willing to test their endurance and traverse I-70 for 825 miles will be greeted by the famed Iron Hill Disc Golf Course in Newark, Delaware, as the Delaware Disc Golf Challenge signals the entrance into the wooded East Coast corridor of the season. It's a quick turnaround, to be sure. But with the title of PDGA National Tour Champion -- and $35,000 in bonuses -- up for grabs, there's plenty of motivation available.

In addition to motivation, there will also be media, because the hardest working teams in disc golf are also driven to help us deliver the best tournament experience possible. That means it's time to binge on the rest of your Worlds coverage and make sure the pantry is stocked. There's even more disc golf in store this weekend when the Challenge runs from Friday through Sunday. 

Instant Scoring

UDisc Live | Visit Site liveappicon.png

With more stats than you can shake a stick at, keep an eye on UDisc Live all week for in-the-moment moves from the Iron Hill.


PDGA Media | Subscribe jomez_pro_lockup_sticker2.png 

Daily Round Recaps, Podcast, Articles

No time to watch a full round? Just need a quick rundown of the day's action? We'll have you covered through the PDGA's YouTube and social media channels with daily round recap videos that will mix quick-cut highlights with player interviews and stats breakdowns. We'll do our best to fit everything you need to know into an easy-to-digest, easy-to-share package, all thanks to cooperation from our post-produced video teams and ace editor Cory Murrell. If you're more inclined to listen to your daily dose, check out Chain Reaction, where PDGA Media's Steve Hill will break down the action in a daily podcast. And we haven't forgotten about people who want to read, either: We'll be publishing daily recap articles from both the Open and Open Women's division after each round on

Jomez Productions | Subscribe jomez_pro_lockup_sticker2.png 

Open Lead Card | Feature card TBA

The candy-coated graphics. The Follow Flight. The Big and the Sexy.

JomezPro will be on hand to bring their eye-catching stylings to the Open lead card each day, putting post-produced coverage of the world's best disc golfers in front of nearly 130,000 subscribers. Yes. 

The Disc Golf Guy | Subscribedg_guy_logo.jpg

Open Women's Lead Card | Feature card TBA

It's hard to argue that any single media outlet has done as much to help grow women's disc golf as much as Terry Miller, aka The Disc Golf Guy, so it's only fitting that he put the FPO lead card on display for some next-day coverage from Delaware.

Gatekeeper Media | Subscribe gatekeeper_media_logo_large_1.png

Open Chase Card | Feature card TBA

We're pleased to welcome the Gatekeeper Media crew back for another run at Iron Hill, where they first started filming National Tour events in 2018. Keep your eyes peeled for their VHS-style Gatekeeper Rewinds as they bring action from the Open chase card!

Johnny Disc Golf | Subscribe gatekeeper_media_logo_large_1.png

Highlights, Interviews, Sound Bites

In addition to the work he'll be doing for the PDGA, Johnny DiscGolf (AKA Cory Murrell), will be releasing his own set of unique clips, interviews, and more on his personal YouTube channel. 


Alyssa Van Lanen Images | Follow av_circle_logo.png

In three years of touring, Alyssa Van Lanen has become the preeminent photographer when it comes time to get the right disc golf shot. From in-your-face actions to candid reactions, Van Lanen will have photo galleries from each day of competition.

PDGA Social Media

PDGA Media will be on the ground all week bringing the sights and sounds from the event. Whether it's behind the scenes shenanigans on Instagram stories or photos and interviews on Facebook and Twitter, we'll be communicating across all of our platforms for the week. Plus, be sure to subscribe to our newly refreshed YouTube channel, where we'll post daily round recaps and other highlights from the event.

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