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PDGA Radio Episode 25: Am Worlds, National Disc Golf Day

Steve Hill and Sara Lamberson congratulate the new Amateur World Champions before talking with Alexis Mandujano about her win and what the future has in store. Am Worlds Tournament Director Robert Leonard explains what went in to scrapping a hole’s worth of scoring due to inclement weather, then the hosts check in on other action from the weekend. Madison Walker gives her tips for navigating the woods before Steve and Sara decide how to celebrate National Disc Golf Day on Saturday.

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There needs to an upper cap on the ma1 division. If you're 998 rated that is not an amateur plain and simple. I really think if you're 970 rated or higher you should have to play open, and if you don't or can't win in open, that's no different than being 936 rated being forced to play ma1 instead of ma2. The men's winner has played open for over 2 years, how can he still be considered an am? I just feel the ratings need to be adjusted to keep this from happening over and over.

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