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Putting the Disc Golf Spirit into Action

Course work at Hornet's Nest Disc Golf Course in Charlotte, NC. Photo: Charlotte Disc Golf Club

When there’s work to be done, members of the Charlotte Disc Golf Club in North Carolina don’t stand by, they stand up.  

“The club actually brought disc golf to our county,” says Chris Hunter, Superintendent of Park Operations for Mecklenburg County. “Members not only built our courses, they maintain them and staff events on a volunteer basis. They are excellent partners.”

Take, for example, the 45 volunteers who worked the Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship in October that drew an estimated 1,200 people to the famed Hornet’s Nest Disc Golf Course.

According to Dave George, the club’s volunteer coordinator, these members donated more than 225 hours to this event alone.

“They were all over the course and surrounding areas, setting up the course, announcing cards, serving as parking attendants, doing live scoring, controlling the crowd, marshaling and breaking down the course,” said George.

Club members donated an additional 175 hours preparing the course for the tournament. This let the Mecklenburg Parks & Recreation Department and event organizers focus on big-picture projects.


Club members building a new tee pad at Hornet’s Nest. Photo: Charlotte Disc Golf Club

Hello, Trello!

This is no slap-dash operation. The club takes a systematic approach to its volunteer program.

“One member volunteers to be the designated director of each course,” said George. ”He or she keeps an eye on that course, identifying maintenance needs. If the course merely needs a cleanup, limb removal, mowing or trimming, the club knocks it out.”

Larger projects, such as removing dead or fallen trees, are sent to Mark Huether, the club’s director of operations. Huether determines whether the club can do the work or if he needs to call the parks and recreation staff.

George enters the volunteer to-do list into Trello, the free project management program that the club uses. Members volunteer online, selecting a particular course and choosing the tasks they want to tackle. After completing the work, they check it off the list.

George tracks and reports volunteer hours to the Parks & Recreation Department to highlight the value that the club brings to the county.   

“We have a great relationship with the Mecklenburg County Parks & Recreation Department,” George said. “We work with them on a weekly basis, and they even put line items into their budget to help us do what needs to be done.”   

To further encourage camaraderie, George is creating focused group workdays at the Hornet’s Nest and other courses in the area.


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This club rightfully serves as a model to new and existing clubs alike on what is possible through a service spirit and good communication with the local powers that be. Way to go guys!