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PDGA Europe Administrator

PDGA Europe Administrator

Last updated: Thursday, December 6, 2018 - 12:17

Position Title: PDGA Europe Administrator

Responsible to: PDGA Europe Board of Directors & PDGA International Director

Background: The Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) is a player-run international not-for-profit organization and the governing body for the rapidly growing sport of disc golf. PDGA Europe is the PDGA’s newly founded and largely self-governing continental arm in Europe.

Position Summary: PDGA Europe is seeking a highly organized and customer service-oriented individual to serve as its first full-time employee. The successful candidate will be a strong team player whose excellent organizational, planning, and project management skills will contribute to the development and long-term success of PDGA Europe.

This position will be based in Finland where PDGA Europe is being registered.

Detailed Job Description:

  • Establish and manage a modestly sized PDGA Europe office space
  • Customer service to PDGA members and other entities requesting disc golf and PDGA-related information: answering phones, emails, and other communications
  • Development, maintenance, and security/protocol of the PDGA Europe website, social media accounts, and online Board communication group, including polls
  • Manage the day-to-day financial accounts (bank, PayPal, credit card) and accounting entries using QuickBooks or similar software, including receivables and payables
  • Creation of PDGA Europe annual budget
  • Submission of monthly financial reports by 15th of following month, including performance relative to budge
  • Ensure that PDGA Europe is meeting the ongoing government, financial, and related requirements of operating in Finland
  • Prepare monthly progress reports and other documents for the Board of Directors and International Director
  • Develop a month-by-month process schedule document and self-management tool outlining all of the work of PDGA Europe to be undertaken and achieved.
  • Liaise with PDGA headquarters staff, including technology department, memberships manager, and tour manager to ensure procedural consistency and general cooperation
  • Work with the national associations, their appointed PDGA country coordinators, the European Disc Golf Federation, and the joint PDGA-EDGF committees to ensure good relations.
  • Foster the spread of PDGA activities into other European countries.
  • Represent PDGA Europe at leading tour events in Europe (Majors, European Championships, WFDF World Teams). Support the event staff in general, and provide daily website stories, social media coverage, photos, and representation of PDGA Europe to any media present
  • Produce PDGA Europe-branded promotional materials (banners, brochures, etc.)
  • Organize the annual election of PDGA Europe board of director candidates
  • Oversee the performance of the contracted PDGA Europe Tour Manager, who is primarily responsible for ongoing management of and support to the EuroTour Series and other PDGA-sanctioned A, B, and C-tier events in Europe
  • With the PDGA International Director and the PDGA Europe Tour Manager, produce the PDGA Europe section of the annual PDGA International Program Guide
  • Organize monthly teleconferences with the board of directors, oversee documentation of meeting minutes
  • Plan, schedule, attend, and assist the board president with creating an agenda for annual in-person summit meeting
  • Organize PDGA Europe annual awards and distribution to recipients
  • With time, develop in-house capability to deliver other core services, notably Europe-based memberships fulfillment
  • With time, develop opportunities such as media relations, merchandising, and leading event sponsorships
  • Other duties as assigned by the board of directors and international director

Desired Qualifications:

  • University or similar-level degree in sports management, business, accounting, or other related field
  • Job experience in a customer service-related field; non-profit experience is a plus


  • Fluency in both Finnish and English
  • Knowledge of disc golf and the PDGA, its membership, and tournament/tour structure
  • High level of computer literacy, including fluency in Microsoft Excel, Word, and Outlook
  • High level of IT literacy, including website development and maintenance
  • High level of social media literacy, including Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms
  • Experience in small office accounting using Quickbooks or similar software
  • Patience and endurance to handle cyclical busy times
  • Detail-oriented, organized, self-motivated, flexible, and able to deliver results on time
  • Ability to develop relationships in all aspects of the position that result in stable, consistent, reliable, and courteous communications when dealing with members and the public
  • Excellent organizational, time management, and project management skills
  • High level of verbal and written communication skills


  • Starting salary of EUR 30,000 per year (EUR 2,500 per month) + other employer benefits/obligations per Finnish law
  • Successful candidate will be required to reside in Finland
  • Successful candidate will be required to work flexible hours, including some weekends

Projected Start Date: March 15-April 1, 2019

Application Deadline: January 7, 2019

Application Process: Please send a cover letter and your resume, specifically supporting your interest in and suitability for this position, via email to: [email protected]