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Requirements and Best Practices for PDGA Sanctioned Play During COVID-19

Requirements and Best Practices for PDGA Sanctioned Play During COVID-19

Last updated: Monday, January 30, 2023 - 13:05


The following requirements and best practices are in place to communicate what is expected and required of all event participants (players, staff, volunteers, spectators and media) when participating in PDGA sanctioned events. Given the nature of the Covid-19 pandemic, and with the understanding that disc golf is seen as a low-risk activity and environment for transmission of the virus, the PDGA has put forth the following guidelines for sanctioned events. These guidelines are meant to serve as best practices, as needed. It is up to the individual participant to make choices that best support their own health. For more information on Covid-19 and Coronavirus, see appropriate government websites, such as:

1. PDGA Sanctioned Event Requirements

  1. Tournament directors (TD) and all event participants must follow all government guidelines for the event’s location concerning travel to/from the event, conducting massgatherings, and holding organized sporting events at all relevant times and in all eventlocations.
  2. Tournament directors and participants must still follow all normal PDGA and/or national association standardsconcerning competition.
  3. Anyone who has COVID-19, is exhibiting common symptoms of COVID-19, is ill, or is indirect contact with someone with COVID-19, must notify the tournament director, must no longer participate, and may be asked to leave the event. CDC: COVID-19 Symptoms
    1. Should a player test positive during an event, they will be withdrawn from the event and must remove themselves from all event venues.
    2. Should a player test positive after a cut, they will be considered in last place of the cut and receive any award available to that place in the event.
  4. Tournament directors and event participants who willfully and repeatedly violate government guidelines may be subject to PDGA disciplinary action up to and including penalties for a ClassA offense.

2. Best Practices for PDGA Sanctioned Events

The below items are best practices for TDs and event participants of a sanctioned event that may be used to further enhance government and public health agency COVID-19 safety requirements and guidelines.

2.1 Event Management Best Practices

  1. The TD should ensure that all participants at the event are aware of all current requirements of the government, as well as these PDGA Best Practices.
  2. The TD should confirm with their local government the number of allowed participants at an event (including staff, players, spectators, etc.).

2.2 Event Operational Best Practices

  1. Event directors should pay close attention to CDC (or otherwise appropriate agency) guidelines and local policies with regard to physical group settings.
  2. For communication needs with participants, event directors should consider providing information (course rules, FAQs, etc.) electronically (event website, Disc Golf Scene, email, or another service) wherever possible.
  3. Where possible, event registration should be done electronically without walk-up registrations.
  4. Player check-in can be handled electronically through use of PDGA digital scorecard (at Leagues) or PDGA Tournament Central (at all other events), in order to encourage physical distancing of all participants.
    1. Event scoring and player tee times or hole assignments can be handled electronically through the PDGATournament Manager and the PDGA Digital Scorecard.
    2. For tee time rounds, the interval between playing groups should be as lengthy as possible to keep playing groups separated. (Example: Instead of 10-minute intervals, use 15-minute intervals, if possible.)
    3. Players should be advised to show up for their tee times at a time less than the tee time interval to prevent larger groups of people in the start area. (If the tee time interval is 15 minutes, advise the players to show up no more than 10 minutes prior to their tee time.)
    4. Avoid using fivesomes to minimize the number of group participants.
  5. Where possible, provide hand wash/sanitation stations.
  6. Events should follow local government guidance on providing food service or retail operations.
  7. If physical player packs are a necessity, consider distributing in a manner such as being picked up by players only as each tee time group comes off the course and are already headed to their vehicles.
  8. Consider using electronic payout for Pro payout rather than physical cash or checks.
  9. Consider awarding Amateur merchandise payout through electronically distributed online vouchers rather than physical merchandise.
  10. Tournament Directors are strongly encouraged to provide a monetary refund of 100% of the entry fee to players who test positive for COVID-19 and are therefore ineligible to play the event.

2.3 Staff and Participant Best Practices

  1. All event staff and participants should follow local guidance for wearing masks. For reference, check CDC guidelines, ECDC guidelines, or other applicable guidance in your jurisdiction.
    1. CDC Mask Recommendations
    2. ECDC Considerations for the use of facemasks
  2. Anyone who is in a high-risk category as noted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, or similar region-specific agencies should use caution when participating.
  3. Participants should bring and control their own food and water for the entire day.
  4. If using a digital scorecard, the players in a group may agree on two players to keep score electronically, or the digital scorecard should be virtually handed off to another player when it is their turn so they can use their own device whenever possible. Mobile devices should not be shared among players.
  5. If using paper scorecards is the only option, the players in a group should use caution when passing scorecard from player to player.