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PDGA Event Sanctioning Agreement

The PDGA Event Sanctioning Agreement covers all PDGA Tour A-, B-, & C-Tier events as well as PDGA League events for the 2023-2024 season only!

If you had previously submitted a sanctioning agreement and wish to submit changes to your event information, do not submit a new sanctioning agreement. Please contact the PDGA Event Support Team and we'll be happy to make the changes for you. 

The following requirements must be met before an event can be sanctioned: 

Event Name & Course Location
Please enter the event name and street address of the primary course that will be used.
Please provide the street address of the primary course that will be used.
Events are classified according to the type of player divisions (professional, amateur, or both) allowed in the event.
Event Dates
League sessions must be at least 6 weeks and up to 10 weeks maximum with only one round played per week.
State/province coordinator pre-approval is required for all B- and C-Tier events in the United States and Canada. Your state/province coordinator will be sent a copy of this sanctioning agreement. Falsely selecting “yes” below may subject you to disciplinary action.
Example: MA2, MA3, MA4, FA2, FA3, FA4 on Saturday, Pro and MA1 on Sunday
Select the scoring format for this event.
Please list any event notes or special conditions here and include any pertinent information that is not otherwise specified in this form. If you are seeking approval for any rules deviations or if this is an experimental format please provide as much detail as possible.
Event Contact Information
Please list the official public contact information for the event below. This information, along with other tournament information, will be considered “of record” by the PDGA and will be used for event listings on the PDGA website and other PDGA media outlets.
Example: 123-456-7890
Event Director
All event directors must be current PDGA members and certified officials.
Example: 123-456-7890
Terms and Conditions
As the Event Director of record, I hereby accept the terms and conditions of the PDGA Tour Sanctioning Agreement and agree to the following points listed below. I understand that I am acting as a volunteer representative of the PDGA, and that failing to adhere to the terms and conditions means that the PDGA can deny or rescind sanctioning from my event at any time (which also voids insurance coverage for events in the United States and Canada). Failure to follow the terms and conditions may also result in consequences under the PDGA Disciplinary Process.
  1. I agree to follow and enforce the Official Rules of Disc Golf, the Competition Manual for Disc Golf Events, and the USA/Canada PDGA Tour Standards or the PDGA International Tour Event Standards as applicable. If any provision of these documents is unacceptable I shall contact Event Support and request a waiver.
  2. I agree to enforce the PDGA policy on the use of alcohol or illegal substances as contained in Competition Manual 3.03.
  3. I agree that as an Event Director I am a current member of the PDGA in good standing and a certified official.
  4. I agree to ensure that each player competes in an official division for which they are eligible, based on classification, age, gender, and player rating. See Divisions, Ratings & Points Factors for more information.
  5. I agree that for all A-Tier and B-Tier events, only current PDGA members will be allowed to compete, regardless of division. If a player in question does not provide proof of membership (membership card or member status as listed on their PDGA player page) I agree that annual dues must be remitted to the PDGA before the player is allowed to participate.
  6. I agree that for C-Tier events in the United States and Canada, all players who are not current PDGA members (with the exception of those competing in a Junior division) will only be allowed to compete upon payment of a $10 fee in lieu of membership. This $10 fee does not entitle the player to the calculation of points or the assignment of a player rating.
  7. I agree that all players will compete in an officially recognized and reported divisions. Use of non-sanctioned or unofficial divisions is not permitted.
  8. I agree to award cash prizes to a minimum of 40% of the Pro field per the PDGA Tour Pay Tables. I agree either to follow the requirements of the True Amateur format as contained in Competition Manual 2.05 or else award merchandise prizes to a minimum of 45% of the Am field as per the PDGA Tour Pay Tables. This is not applicable for events outside of the United States and Canada.
  9. I agree to submit a complete event report via PDGA Tournament Manager within the deadlines specified in the PDGA Tour Standards. If an Event Director is unable to submit results electronically they should ensure that this key task is assigned to an Assistant Event Director or Event Staff with the necessary skills.
  10. I agree to submit all fees (sanctioning, insurance, player, membership, etc.) to the PDGA within the specified time frame as outlined in the PDGA Tour Standards.
  11. I agree to submit multiple event reports when I have a multi-day event with different divisions competing on each day.
  12. For any event other than a League, I agree to provide the individual Professional cash prize and retail value of Amateur/Junior player packs distributed or merchandise prizes won in the event report.
  13. I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure the event complies with all local, state, provincial, regional, national, federal, and international laws.
  14. I agree to conduct this event in accordance with all applicable health and safety regulations related to any declared public health emergency or other state of emergency in force in the relevant jurisdictions while the event is taking place (pandemics, natural disasters, chemical or radiation emergencies, etc.).
  15. I agree that League sessions must be at least 6 and no more than 10 consecutive weeks with only one round played per week.
  16. I agree not to use any personal player information acquired through this event for any purpose other than to contact the player in regards to this event. Any unauthorized use of personal player information not directly and explicitly agreed to by the player is a violation of this sanctioning agreement.
  17. I agree to provide all appropriate tax information related to the event to event participants for reporting purposes, and to Federal/National, State, and Local governmental agencies as required by law. For events subject to United States law, I understand that this means either completed 1099-MISC forms for all winners of cash prizes equal to or greater than $600 USD, or else distribution of those prizes through a third-party payment processor who is required under applicable law to issue a 1099-K to the prize recipient at or above that same $600 USD threshold.
  18. I certify that I am 18 or older per Competition Manual 3.08.A
  19. I understand that any parties that wish to be insured or additional insured parties for this event must agree to the terms of and sign this Sanctioning Agreement. The PDGA agrees to add requested additional insured parties that sign the Sanctioning Agreement as additional insureds on its general liability policy.
By typing my full name in the following box I certify that this information is accurate and can be used for the purpose of processing my sanctioning agreement.
Tournament Directors may sign on behalf of third-party Additional Insured with their express permission.
Tournament Directors may sign on behalf of third-party Additional Insured with their express permission.
Tournament Directors may sign on behalf of third-party Additional Insured with their express permission.
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