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William Wallwin #65916

William Wallwin #65916

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WMWIV's picture

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Career Wins

29-Feb-2020OMAC Warm Up - True Am Driven By InnovaAmateur Masters 40+C
09-Mar-2019OMAC True AM Flex Start Warm Up - Driven by InnovaAmateur Masters 40+C
26-Jan-2019Sugar Land Showdown VIIIRecreationalC
10-Nov-2018NSCG presents The Northside OpenRecreationalB
08-Sep-2017True AM Flex at Zube Presented by INNOVAAdvanced MastersC
08-Oct-2016Spring Valley SpectacularRecreationalB
27-Aug-2016Big Thicket Open IIRecreationalB
17-Jun-2016Flyin' Fridays Pt. 2 at SVRecreationalC
21-May to 22-May-2016Z Boaz OpenRecreationalB
19-Mar to 20-Mar-2016St. Arnold-Inwood OpenRecreationalB
19-Sep to 20-Sep-20152015 OutlawsRecreationalA/B
02-Aug-2014Corys Bicycle/Gorilla DG - 2nd Annual Jenkins Park ClassicRecreationalC