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Dale Sapp #83780

Dale Sapp #83780

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Career Wins

09-Aug-2020Hoosier ScorcherAmateur Masters 40+C/B
14-Mar-2020WIFFS #12 - Walnut CrackerAmateur Masters 40+C
07-Mar-2020WIFFS #11 - March MeltdownAmateur Masters 40+C
29-Feb-2020WIFFS #10 - Maple Syrup ShootoutAmateur Masters 40+C
15-Feb-2020WIFFS #8 - Valentines Basket MassacreAmateur Masters 40+C
25-Jan-2020WIFFS #4- The 2020 WDGC Ice BowlAmateur Masters 40+C
20-Oct-20196th Annual EDGE of InsanityAmateur Masters 40+C
19-Oct-2019Disc Golf for Down SyndromeAmateur Masters 40+C
06-Oct-201934th Indiana Fall Series at France ParkAmateur Masters 40+C
28-Sep-2019Fly Swatter OpenAmateur Masters 40+C
21-Sep to 22-Sep-201939th Annual Indiana State ChampionshipsAmateur Masters 40+B
30-Mar-2019WIFFS #13 - Broadside of the BarnAmateur Masters 40+C
16-Mar-2019WIFFS #11 - Walnut CrackerAmateur Masters 40+C
09-Feb-2019WIFFS #6 - Blizzard In The ForestAmateur Masters 40+C
10-Nov-2018QOFFS #5 - 7th Annual Support the Troops - Benefiting Mission 22Amateur Masters 40+C
03-Jun-2018Gibson County ChallengeAmateur Masters 40+C
28-May-20182nd Annual Gentlemen's Tern @ Boondocks FarmsAmateur Masters 40+B
03-Feb-2018WIFFS #5 Blizzard Thru The ForestAmateur Masters 40+C
20-Jan-2018WIFFS #3 Frozen Fingers OpenAmateur Masters 40+C
13-Jan-2018WIFFS #2 The Yorktown LuauAmateur Masters 40+C
18-Mar-2017WIFFS #10 - Broadside of the BarnAdvanced MastersC
28-Jan-2017WIFFS #4 - 2017 WDGC Ice BowlAdvanced MastersC
14-Jan-2017WIFFS #2 - Mooresville MashAdvanced MastersC
07-Jan-2017WIFFS #1 - Freeze Through The TreesAdvanced MastersC
23-Oct-2016The Muncie OpenRecreationalC