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Official Rules of Disc Golf

803.01 Moving Obstacles

Last updated: Sunday, December 31, 2023 - 18:11

  1. A player must choose the stance that results in the least movement of any obstacle that is a permanent or integral part of the course. Once a stance has been taken, the player may not move an obstacle in order to make room for a throwing motion. It is legal for a player's throwing motion to cause incidental movement of an obstacle.
  2. A player is not allowed to move any obstacle on the course, with the following exceptions:
    1. A player may move casual obstacles that are on the playing surface farther from the target than the front edge of the lie. A casual obstacle is any item or collection of loose debris (such as stones, leaves, twigs, or unconnected branches), or any item as designated by the Director. Objects intentionally placed as part of the course or event are not casual obstacles.
    2. A player may request that other people move themselves or their belongings.
    3. A player may restore course equipment to its proper working order, including the removal of obstacles.
  3. A player who moves any obstacle on the course other than as allowed above receives one penalty throw.