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Official Rules of Disc Golf

805.02 Disc Above Two Meters

Last updated: Saturday, March 3, 2018 - 09:43

  1. The two-meter rule refers to the rules within 805.02. It is not in effect unless the Director declares it to be in effect. The Director may declare the two-meter rule to be in effect for the entire course, for particular holes, and/or for individual objects.
  2. If the two-meter rule is in effect when a disc has come to rest at least two meters above the in-bounds playing surface (as measured from the lowest point of the disc to the playing surface directly below it), the player receives one penalty throw. The position of the disc is on the playing surface directly below the disc.
  3. A disc supported by the target for the hole being played is not subject to the two-meter rule.
  4. If the thrower moves the disc before a determination has been made, the disc is considered to have come to rest above two meters.