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Official Rules of Disc Golf

805.03 Lost Disc

Last updated: Friday, December 31, 2021 - 19:56

  1. A disc is declared lost if the player cannot locate it within three minutes after having arrived at the area where it is thought to be. Any player in the group or an Official may begin the timing of the three minutes and must inform the group that the timing has begun.
  2. All players in the group must assist in searching for the disc. Failure to do so is a courtesy violation.
  3. Once a disc has been declared lost, the status does not change if subsequently found. A player is allowed to use the disc if found.
  4. A player whose disc has been declared lost receives one penalty throw. The next throw is made from the previous lie. If a drop zone has been designated for lost discs on the hole, the player may throw from the drop zone instead of from the previous lie.
  5. If it is discovered prior to the completion of the tournament that a player's disc that had been declared lost had been removed or taken prior to it being declared lost, then two throws are subtracted from the player's score for that hole.
  6. If a drop zone has been provided for lost discs, the Director may allow players to proceed directly to the drop zone at the cost of two penalty throws.