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Official Rules of Disc Golf

808 Scoring

Last updated: Friday, March 25, 2022 - 12:03

  1. The player listed first bears primary responsibility for picking up the group's scorecard(s).
  2. Players in the group keep score proportionally, unless a player or a scorekeeper volunteers to keep score more and that is acceptable to all players in the group.
  3. After each hole has been completed, the scorekeeper records the score for each player in the group in a manner that makes each score clear to every player in the group. Any warnings or penalty throws are to be noted along with the score for the hole.
  4. The score for a player on a hole is the total number of throws, including penalty throws. The total score for the round is the sum of all hole scores, plus any additional penalty throws. The use of anything other than a number as a score (including the lack of a score) is subject to penalty as described in 808.G.2.
  5. If there is disagreement about the score a player reports, the group reviews the hole and attempts to arrive at the correct score. If the group cannot reach consensus on the player's score, they seek the help of an Official or the Director as soon as is practical. If all players in the group agree that a score is incorrect, the score may be corrected before the scorecard is submitted.
  6. All players are responsible for submitting their scorecards within 30 minutes of when their group has finished the round. A player whose scorecard is not submitted on time receives two penalty throws.
  7. After the scorecard has been submitted, the total score as recorded is final, except for the following circumstances:
    1. Penalty throws may be added or removed up by the Director up until the Director declares the tournament over, or all awards have been distributed.
    2. If the total score or any hole score is incorrect, improperly recorded, or missing, two penalty throws are added to the correct total score. Those penalty throws are not added when the score has been adjusted for other violations determined after the player had submitted an otherwise correct scorecard.