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2018 Women's Global Event

2018 Women's Global Event

Paul McBeth joins the show to talk about this weekend's Santa Cruz Masters Cup. Photo: The Flight Record

Steve Hill and Sara Lamberson discuss the record-breaking PDGA Women’s Global Event weekend, including Sara’s WGE experience (00:45); the KC Diva Spring Feeva (3:50); and some of the other numbers that point toward the event’s success (5:57). Sara breaks down observations from the Global Scores (9:22) before the hosts cover the hot rounds from the weekend (13:45).

Saturday's fourth running of the PDGA Women's Global Event, the biennial celebration of women's disc golf, was the biggest yet in the event's history. Though the Global Scores are still trickling in and results are not 100 percent official, let's take a look at some of the facts and figures from the affair, as numbers both large and small tell the story of the WGE's continued success.


Total participants in this weekend’s PDGA Women’s Global Event.


Events worldwide, far surpassing the previous record of 62 in 2016.

Rhonda Crosby, left, and Amy Crowe at the 2017 KC Diva Spring Feeva. Photo: Dean Gary

Nearly 2,100 players will take part in this weekend’s PDGA Women’s Global Event, a new record for the biennial celebration of women’s disc golf. When cards are set and “two minutes!” is shouted from Australia to Appling – and everywhere in between – the loudest calls to begin play will likely come from the Midwest, where the KC Diva Spring Feeva will supply almost seven percent of the event’s total participants.

ZÜCA has been a proud supporter of disc golf since entering the market in 2015 by donating funds to support the PDGA Innovation Grant program as well as supporting the PDGA National Tour and signing on to be one of the first sponsors of the Disc Golf Pro Tour. This year, they have extended their support for the sport by becoming a gold sponsor of the bi-annual PDGA Women’s Global Event, happening this Saturday, May 12, 2018.

Steve Hill and Sara Lamberson look back at the action from the Tim Selinske U.S. Masters Championship (5:14) and the Nick Hyde Memorial (12:47) from over the weekend. Next, the hosts run down the hot rounds throughout the PDGA (26:14) before Women’s Committee Member Julie Ferdella joins the program to chat about the upcoming Women’s Global Event (32:13).

We're now just 10 days away from the fourth edition of the PDGA Women's Global Event (WGE). On May 12th, more than 1,700 women from 13 countries and 39 states will tee off at their local, satellite WGEs to compete against all women and girls competing in the same division. The accessibility of these virtual, ratings-based PDGA events and the encouraging atmosphere they provide have been essential factors in facilitating the growth of the female disc golfing demographic since the WGE's inaugural event in 2012.

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Mark your calendars, ladies: The PDGA Women’s Global Event is back!