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2019 DDGC

2019 DDGC

An excited Matt Bell after nailing his birdie putt on 18. Photo: Alyssa Van Lanen

After starting the round 8-under par through the front nine at Iron Hill and leading the field by five, it was hard to imagine that anyone other than Ricky Wysocki was going to take down the title at the Delaware Disc Golf Challenge. Iron Hill had its own plans, however, and so did Matt Bell.

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Courses as difficult as Iron Hill tend to create a wide range of scores. Missing your line by even one or two degrees off the tee can easily mean a double or triple bogey and controlling your frustration level becomes the name of the game. Catrina Allen and Kristin Tattar have both spent plenty of time off the fairway due to unfortunate tree or rock kicks, but they’ve both kept their composure and pushed on. Going into the final round at the Delaware Disc Golf Challenge, Allen leads by two over Tattar, with six or more strokes separating the two of them from the rest of the field.  

Catrina Allen taps in on 18 to finish 5-under par at Iron Hill. Photo: Alyssa Van Lanen

What a recovery.

After a final-round disappointment at last week’s PDGA Professional Disc Golf World Championships found Catrina Allen taking home third place, she bounced back with a 5-under par 64 at Iron Hill Friday morning to take an early lead at the Delaware Disc Golf Challenge.

After a sixth-place finish at the 2018 DDGC, Holly Finley has returned this year for another shot at the title. Photo: Matt Gregoire, PDGA