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member discounts

Every year, direct feedback from members helps us determine exactly what membership benefits are most important. Additionally, new tools and technology become available, which benefit the game. And, new potential partners approach the PDGA with products and services that can enhance the membership experience. Thus, every year the PDGA responds by reviewing member benefits in order to improve the quantity, value and impact of the benefits exclusively offered to PDGA members.

Since 2007, PDGA membership dues have not increased, but the benefits of PDGA membership continue to grow in several key areas:

Spring is in the air and our tournament schedule is growing daily. We want to remind and encourage you to use your hotel discount codes when planning your next getaway.

As one of more than 122,000+ active members of the Professional Disc Golf Association, you’ll join a group of people who are not only passionate about the sport but also see several benefits from their yearly subscription. Play, save, and grow the game!