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PDGA Disc Golf Disc Certification Request

To have the production of a disc approved for certification, the equipment manufacturer must submit at least three samples of the disc to the PDGA Technical Standards Working Group (TSWG). Review of submissions for PDGA approval is typically completed within 15 business days after receipt of the test samples. If there are issues that delay approval, the TSWG will inform the manufacturer representative of the status of the submission no later than 15 business days after receipt of the test samples. The TSWG will notify the manufacturer via email once the disc is approved. 

If you have previously submitted a certification request, please select the manufacturer or distributor name from the list below. Otherwise, if this is your first certification request please specify a new manufacturer.
Disc Name
Scan the approved disc list making sure your proposed disc name is not too similar to a previously approved disc name. The PDGA does not referee name conflicts. Please resolve any naming issues with the previously approved manufacturer before your new disc can be approved
Please indicate below if disc will have its name translated into another language.
Manufacturer Claimed Values
The manufacturer representative is encouraged to complete the specifications below to inform the Technical Standards Working Group of measurements claimed, but there is no requirement to do so.
Exactly 8.3 g/cm
At least 21.0 cm
At least 1.1 cm
At least 15.8 cm
Max 2.6 cm
At least 26
Max 12.25 kg
Max 0.5 cm
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png.
Responsibilities & Instructions

This disc will be legal for all PDGA-sanctioned events once the testing fee is paid and the disc has been approved. If this disc fails to pass all PDGA tests, I understand that a new certification request and testing fee will be required when it is resubmitted for testing by the Technical Standards Working Group.

I agree to send three samples of the above named disc model or variant to:

PDGA Technical Standards Working Group
c/o Jeff Homburg
4502 East 16th Street
Tucson, AZ 85711

Testing fees are assessed at half the rate for manufacturers during the first year they submit discs for PDGA approval. In the case of a disc variant (that is, one with a new name that retains its original name as an element within its new name; for example, the Ferret, an approved disc, is changed and renamed the Ferret Lite), there is no testing or approval fee.

Email for notifications