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Fools at The Falls

Fools at The Falls

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Pro/Am C-Tier

StatusTotal PlayersPro Purse
Event complete; official ratings processed.72$735

Official Results

Open (18)

Erik Smith #25987
Woodbridge, Virginia, United States
John Murphy #27936
Levittown, Pennsylvania, United States
Ryan Stellmaker #32128
Mounds View, Minnesota, United States
Richard Wysocki #38008
Campobello, South Carolina, United States
Nate Krahn #29352
Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, United States
Devin Frederick #16287
Hellertown, Pennsylvania, United States
Steve Braud #16027
Quakertown, Pennsylvania, United States
Tim Minefski #24396
Mont Alto, Pennsylvania, United States
Eric Buschman #38533
Sykesville, Maryland, United States
Travis Foreman #32888
Martinsburg, West Virginia, United States
Dan Becker #27883
Frederick, Maryland, United States
Tom Coffin #27172
Little Rock, Arkansas, United States
Russell Johnston #36032
Hagerstown, Maryland, United States
Eric Boger #29837
Fairfield, Pennsylvania, United States
Paul Wojcik #19608
New Cumberlnd, Pennsylvania, United States
Brad Lescalleet #27920
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, United States
Anthony Cantow #44406
Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Jeff Ma #38843
Lorton, Virginia, United States
Default Layout; 18 holes; Par 54
Default Layout; 18 holes; Par 54
190.00Erik Smith2598799353104159984112$155
285.00John Murphy27936986551024571001112$105
380.00Ryan Stellmaker3212896358999571001115$73
380.00Richard Wysocki38008100256101659984115$73
570.00Nate Krahn29352101057100760975117$50
665.00Devin Frederick162879986098258992118$40
760.00Steve Braud160279875899961967119$30
855.00Tim Minefski243969586197462958123$25
855.00Eric Buschman385339406098263950123$25
1045.00Travis Foreman328889606395864941127
1140.00Dan Becker278839536197467916128
1140.00Tom Coffin271729646792461967128
1140.00Russell Johnston360329326792461967128
1425.00Eric Boger298379366693363950129
1520.00Paul Wojcik196089796594165933130
1520.00Brad Lescalleet279209406594165933130
1710.00Anthony Cantow444069276594166924131
185.00Jeff Ma388439446891672873140

Masters (5)

Rob Smith #35744
Luthvle Timon, Maryland, United States
Ray R-man Rogers #4792
Furlong, Pennsylvania, United States
Wayne Nordberg #13517
Emittsburg, Maryland, United States
Craig Hoch #13346
Breinigsville, Pennsylvania, United States
Default Layout; 18 holes; Par 54
Default Layout; 18 holes; Par 54
120.00Rob Smith3574495162966571001119$75
216.00Ray R-man Rogers47929736594163950128$50
312.00Dick Gogin6468132$35
48.00Wayne Nordberg135179177288366924138
54.00Craig Hoch133469157684965933141

Advanced (18)

Brendan Holden #47558
Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States
Dave Viscomi #39779
Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania, United States
Matt Rice #26982
Springfield, Virginia, United States
Patrick Smith #33396
Cockeysville, Maryland, United States
Justin Weaver #44079
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States
Andrew Francis #29566
Columbia, Maryland, United States
Ian Kuehn #41287
Athens, Ohio, United States
James Kuntz #36447
Winchester, Virginia, United States
Sean Mooney #33553
Eugene, Oregon, United States
Darrell Zimmerman #45165
Akron, Pennsylvania, United States
John Buck #25224
Frederick, Maryland, United States
Jeremy Wright #47724
Windsor Mill, Maryland, United States
Nathan Lariviere #33779
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States
Jerome von mechow #45873
Sellersville, Pennsylvania, United States
John Walton #45803
Quakertown, Pennsylvania, United States
Bobby Hermann #31439
Silver Spring, Maryland, United States
Chris Williams #27726
York, Pennsylvania, United States
Default Layout; 18 holes; Par 54
Default Layout; 18 holes; Par 54
190.00Brendan Holden475585999158992117
285.00Dave Viscomi397799406395863950126
380.00Matt Rice269829566494965933129
475.00Patrick Smith333969326891663950131
475.00Justin Weaver440799267189160975131
665.00Andrew Francis295669277189161967132
665.00Ian Kuehn412879326594167916132
855.00Kelly Dunnavant7064134
855.00James Kuntz364479216693368907134
855.00Sean Mooney335539247189163950134
855.00Darrell Zimmerman451658646990865933134
1235.00John Buck252249207089969899139
1235.00Jeremy Wright477246792472873139
1235.00Nathan Lariviere337799027089969899139
1520.00Jerome von mechow458738907189169899140
1520.00John Walton458039077089970890140
1710.00Bobby Hermann314398716990872873141
185.00Chris Williams277269127486673865147

Advanced Women (2)

Caryn Shearer #36022
Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania, United States
J.g. Sparrow #38457
Frederick, Maryland, United States
16.00Caryn Shearer360227978180884771165
23.00J.g. Sparrow384577609569183780178

Intermediate (19)

Bill Charron #44715
Bowmansdale, Pennsylvania, United States
Nathaniel Kaufmann #47559
Silver Spring, Maryland, United States
Matt Swartz #33931
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, United States
Zach Anders #41797
Hanover, Pennsylvania, United States
Joshua Workman #45716
Hanover, Maryland, United States
Eric Grosh #43408
Red Lion, Pennsylvania, United States
Rich Myers #19614
Jessup, Maryland, United States
Joel Trimmer #45402
Hanover, Pennsylvania, United States
Wayne Trump #39933
Hanover, Pennsylvania, United States
Chet Butler #44168
Alexandria, Virginia, United States
Clark Carrington #28547
Stanardsville, Virginia, United States
Hawk Corrick #22013
Ellicott City, Maryland, United States
Justin Enoff #48055
Freeland, Maryland, United States
Terry Houser #45511
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States
Tim Snyder #47752
Easton, Pennsylvania, United States
James Mcbride #31170
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Bradley Dwyer #45751
Clear Spring, Maryland, United States
Michael Brady #42566
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States
Default Layout; 18 holes; Par 54
Default Layout; 18 holes; Par 54
176.00Bill Charron447158796494964941128
272.00Nathaniel Kaufmann475597387461967134
272.00Matt Swartz339318996990865933134
464.00Zach Anders417978786891667916135
464.00Joshua Workman457168686792468907135
656.00Eric Grosh434088877189166924137
656.00Rich Myers196149226990868907137
656.00Ian Donnakay6473137
944.00Joel Trimmer454028617387466924139
1040.00Wayne Trump399338687189169899140
1136.00Chet Butler441688667288372873144
1136.00Clark Carrington285478717089974856144
1328.00Hawk Corrick220139117288373865145
1424.00Justin Enoff480557883369899147
1520.00Terry Houser455118608081671882151
1616.00Tim Snyder477527189182788153
1712.00James Mcbride311708727387481797154
188.00Bradley Dwyer457518057585881797156
194.00Michael Brady425668057982481797160

Recreational (10)

Russell Krise #42773
Allport, Pennsylvania, United States
Skyler Krise #43593
Allport, Pennsylvania, United States
Austin Krise #45333
Allport, Pennsylvania, United States
Nick Krawczak #39512
Saint Thomas, Pennsylvania, United States
John Wojcik #43318
New Cumberlnd, Pennsylvania, United States
Lee Pomeroy #34353
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Default Layout; 18 holes; Par 54
Default Layout; 18 holes; Par 54
130.00Mike Sherwood6568133
227.00Russell Krise427738207883371882149
324.00Skyler Krise435937588279973865155
421.00Austin Krise453337438081683780163
518.00Nick Krawczak395127438577489729174
615.00Thom Moore8096176
712.00John Wojcik4331875289741102618191
89.00Paul Keefer10690196
96.00Lee Pomeroy3435373710164197661198
103.00Joey Hereau113105218