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Turkey & Chains 5th Helping - Pro and Int

Turkey & Chains 5th Helping - Pro and Int

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Official Results

TierClassificationTotal PlayersPro Purse

Open (17)

Brad Schick #7992
Galena, Ohio, United States
Mike Henry #28056
Roseville, Michigan, United States
James Bates #31509
Trenton, Michigan, United States
Joe Gabris #20515
Royal Oak, Michigan, United States
Mark Ellis #7423
Brighton, Michigan, United States
Ryan Herzog #29024
Shelby Township, Michigan, United States
Brandon Bueter #35733
Novi, Michigan, United States
Dave Milewski #28557
Northville, Michigan, United States
Tyler Horne #16058
Columbus, Ohio, United States
Jeremy Swan #15036
Milford, Michigan, United States
Ken Parks #36673
Lincoln Park, Michigan, United States
Mike Frame #20305
Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States
Scott Ransley #37772
Canton, Michigan, United States
Joe Olson #34990
Marysville, Ohio, United States
Ben Ciccarelli #45149
Belleville, Michigan, United States
Austin Cook #47802
South Lyon, Michigan, United States
Aaron Birdsall #30777
Novi, Michigan, United States
Long Tees 18; 18 holes; Par 54
Long Tees 21; 21 holes; Par 63
185.00Brad Schick79921020521004571039109$200
280.00Mike Henry28056100153994571039110$130
375.00James Bates3150998550102362998112$100
470.00Joe Gabris2051596656966591023115$80
565.00Mark Ellis742397955975611006116$55
565.00Ryan Herzog2902498252100464982116$55
565.00Brandon Bueter3573398650102366966116$55
850.00Dave Milewski2855796750102367958117
850.00Tyler Horne1605810165498563990117
850.00Jeremy Swan150369555399464982117
1135.00Ken Parks366739545597566966121
1230.00Mike Frame203059606092765974125
1325.00Scott Ransley377729505795669942126
1420.00Joe Olson349909356191867958128
1515.00Ben Ciccarelli451499536687065974131
1610.00Austin Cook478029316092777877137
1610.00Aaron Birdsall307779356687071926137

Open Women (3)

Sarah Demar #25166
Novi, Michigan, United States
Melissa Martin #30499
solon, Ohio, United States
Kira Damusis #39726
Whitmore Lake, Michigan, United States
Long Tees 18; 18 holes; Par 54
Short Tees 21; 21 holes; Par 63
19.00Sarah Demar251668905795665898122$70
26.00Melissa Martin304999076984163918132$30
33.00Kira Damusis397268387083276787146

Intermediate (26)

Andy Steiner #39335
Canton, Michigan, United States
Paul Deaner #17076
Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Josh Minard #42771
Novi, Michigan, United States
Alex Grimes #43948
Lansing, Michigan, United States
Jeremy Horton #35584
Flushing, Michigan, United States
Lyle Downing #42481
Howell, Michigan, United States
Eddie Ruiz #46216
South Lyon, Michigan, United States
Sean Blazo #38214
Colorado Spgs, Colorado, United States
David Lassen #49017
Dearborn Heights, Michigan, United States
Derrick Dunville #48922
Orchard Lake, Michigan, United States
Jake Wood #41823
Saint Charles, Michigan, United States
Ryan Gruber #35964
Findlay, Ohio, United States
Josh Cantor #16366
Whitmore Lake, Michigan, United States
Doug Mcintosh #35628
Westland, Michigan, United States
Jeff Griffiths #43424
Madison Heights, Michigan, United States
Will Schweda #46586
Hudson, Ohio, United States
Gabe Cadorin #44305
Wyandotte, Michigan, United States
Mike Broda #36190
Brookpark, Ohio, United States
Nate Wheeling #45581
Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States
Fred Cartwright #44948
Greenville, South Carolina, United States
Ray Gruber #44620
Findlay, Ohio, United States
Mike Stratford #49955
Taylor, Michigan, United States
Joe Willyard #47467
Farmington Hills, Michigan, United States
Chris Konzelman #42516
Akron, Ohio, United States
James Humphrey #45744
Parma, Ohio, United States
Long Tees 18; 18 holes; Par 54
Short Tees 21; 21 holes; Par 63
1104.00Andy Steiner393359345795656988113
2100.00Paul Deaner170769215498564908118
396.00Josh Minard427719216092760948120
396.00Alex Grimes439489165894662928120
396.00Jeremy Horton355849145894662928120
684.00Lyle Downing424819156092761938121
684.00Eddie Ruiz462169135894663918121
876.00Sean Blazo382149116191861938122
972.00David Lassen490179136488961938125
972.00Derrick Dunville489229336092765898125
1164.00Jake Wood418239136290864908126
1164.00Ryan Gruber359649256290864908126
1356.00Josh Cantor163669036290866888128
1356.00Doug Mcintosh356289116786161938128
1356.00Jeff Griffiths434249046786161938128
1644.00Will Schweda465868676786163918130
1740.00Frank Raburn7160131
1740.00Gabe Cadorin443058486588066888131
1932.00Mike Broda361909186885164908132
2028.00Nate Wheeling455819117182262928133
2028.00Fred Cartwright449488956687067878133
2220.00Ray Gruber446208976092774807134
2316.00Mike Stratford499559146687070847136
2316.00Joe Willyard474678706588071837136
258.00Chris Konzelman425168397182269857140
264.00James Humphrey457448196984174807143