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Chicagoland Amateur Disc Golf Championships - MA2/MA4/MG1

Chicagoland Amateur Disc Golf Championships - MA2/MA4/MG1

Event Info

Amateur B-Tier

StatusTotal Players
Event complete; official ratings processed.79

Official Results

Advanced Grandmasters (6)

Brian Larson #50107
Rockford, Illinois, United States
Michael Stefanic #42145
Rockford, Illinois, United States
Robert Grinnell #57701
Murray, Kentucky, United States
Chris Bianchi #4221
Plainfield, Illinois, United States
Damon Short #17348
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Front 9 White and Back 9 Gold; 18 holes; Par 63
Front 9 Gold and Back 9 White; 18 holes; Par 60
127.00Brian Larson501078677186864871135
222.50Michael Stefanic421458586988669822138
318.00Robert Grinnell577018807682570812146
413.50Brad Smaha7770147
59.00Chris Bianchi42218567682574772150
60.00Damon Short1734883976825999DNF

Intermediate (38)

Jeff Matthews #61179
Antioch, Illinois, United States
Cree Enriquez #74100
SAINT FRANCIS, Wisconsin, United States
Nick Sustersic #53130
Palos Hills, Illinois, United States
Mitch Siefert #56326
San Diego, California, United States
Chad Benavidez #75342
Elgin, Illinois, United States
Kevin Fanning #69952
Libertyville, Illinois, United States
Scott Mchale #60520
Tomah, Wisconsin, United States
Paul Kenny #13616
Grand Blanc, Michigan, United States
Mike Schlaak #27580
Mount Prospect, Illinois, United States
Matthew Rooney #80675
Palos Hills, Illinois, United States
Michael Haugsted #71943
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States
Tyler Blaha-gruszka #51716
Midlothian, Illinois, United States
David Hopkins #66580
Joliet, Illinois, United States
Brian Denlinger #76866
Coralville, Iowa, United States
Wilbur Wallis #6583
Rantoul, Illinois, United States
Brian Burgess #78257
Franksville, Wisconsin, United States
David Haugsted #68394
North Liberty, Iowa, United States
Scott Dietz #23205
Joliet, Illinois, United States
Adrian Negrete #80553
Bartlett, Illinois, United States
Mark Eckardt #85761
Cary, Illinois, United States
Will Gray #65447
Urbana, Illinois, United States
Richard Walsh #60403
Downers Grove, Illinois, United States
Joshua Babcock #40949
Hustisford, Wisconsin, United States
Paul Wagner #77448
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Philip Bartnicki #52124
Wauconda, Illinois, United States
Miguel Duarte #74967
Elgin, Illinois, United States
J. carlos Marin #69086
Elgin, Illinois, United States
Dustin Clark #65015
Palatine, Illinois, United States
Ted Hottinger #64877
Orland Park, Illinois, United States
Jordan Giedd #68761
Roscoe, Illinois, United States
Ryan Bilocerkowycz #68638
Lake Barrington, Illinois, United States
Joe Klenck #56914
Wheaton, Illinois, United States
Tyler Whitaker #40003
Deerfield, Illinois, United States
Fabian Gonzalez #23273
Crest Hill, Illinois, United States
Dan Klenck #57011
Wheaton, Illinois, United States
Randy Moore sr #30166
Oswego, Illinois, United States
Front 9 White and Back 9 Gold; 18 holes; Par 63
Front 9 Gold and Back 9 White; 18 holes; Par 60
1228.00Jeff Matthews611799325898254970112
2222.00Cree Enriquez741008755997358930117
3216.00Nick Sustersic531309296195659920120
4210.00Mitch Siefert563269076195661901122
5204.00Chad Benavidez753429126294761901123
5204.00Kevin Fanning699528946294761901123
7192.00Scott Mchale605208936294763881125
7192.00Paul Kenny136169276889557940125
9180.00Mike Schlaak275808986592161901126
10174.00Matthew Rooney806758826592162891127
11168.00Michael Haugsted719439216393865861128
12162.00Tyler Blaha-gruszka517168846790363881130
12162.00David Hopkins665808796889562891130
14150.00Brian Denlinger768668687186861901132
14150.00Wilbur Wallis65838896889564871132
16138.00Brian Burgess782578626790366851133
16138.00David Haugsted683948946988664871133
18126.00Scott Dietz232059016790368831135
18126.00Adrian Negrete805536889567841135
20114.00Mark Eckardt857616889569822137
20114.00Will Gray654478987583362891137
22102.00Richard Walsh604038947484266851140
2396.00Joshua Babcock409498806889573782141
2396.00Paul Wagner774487887583366851141
2396.00Philip Bartnicki521248917682565861141
2678.00Miguel Duarte749679026988673782142
2772.00J. carlos Marin690869047781667841144
2866.00Scott Carlson7375148
2960.00Dustin Clark650158428376374772157
300.00Ted Hottinger6487785470877888DNF
310.00Jordan Giedd6876189273851999DNF
310.00Ryan Bilocerkowycz6863885471868999DNF
310.00Joe Klenck5691489673851999DNF
310.00Tyler Whitaker4000382073851999DNF
310.00Fabian Gonzalez2327377973851999DNF
310.00Dan Klenck5701188771868999DNF
310.00Randy Moore sr3016691069886999DNF
310.00Tim Pantoja79999DNF

Novice (35)

Mike Jost #84850
Lincolnshire, Illinois, United States
Craig Klein #84267
Huntley, Illinois, United States
David Maclean #75726
Lowell, Indiana, United States
David Ahlgrim #60917
Mundelein, Illinois, United States
Trevor Greene #62975
Mundelein, Illinois, United States
Alex Jones #77871
Antioch, Illinois, United States
Travis Johnson #72114
Wheeling, Illinois, United States
Isaias Solano #123280
Round Lake Beach, Illinois, United States
Brad Mccarthy #50450
Tinley Park, Illinois, United States
Michael Castiglione #65589
Vlg Of Lakewd, Illinois, United States
Maxwel Perna #75843
Morton Grove, Illinois, United States
Dustin Jensen #81814
Bristol, Wisconsin, United States
Nathan Wojciechowski #82541
Terre Haute, Indiana, United States
Kyle Sprosty #78264
Fox Lake, Illinois, United States
Matthew Stachura #30724
Volo, Illinois, United States
Kiks Enriquez #74320
Plano, Illinois, United States
Gene disk dog Halaska #16639
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Steven Perna #84841
Deerfield, Illinois, United States
Michael Kennedy #69530
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Jake Folkerts #74377
Wauconda, Illinois, United States
Kenny Knouse #74794
Richmond, Illinois, United States
Jonathan Henson #82444
Oak Lawn, Illinois, United States
Bryan Beyersdorf #37492
Round Lake Park, Illinois, United States
Paul Wainwright #79430
Davis, Illinois, United States
Frederick Beyersdorf #37495
Round Lake Park, Illinois, United States
Joe Lozano #69103
Romeoville, Illinois, United States
Jerry Ayala #65508
Lockport, Illinois, United States
Front 9 White and Back 9 Gold; 18 holes; Par 63
Front 9 Gold and Back 9 White; 18 holes; Par 60
1105.00Anthony Solano6558123
2102.00Mike Jost848506294765861127
399.00Craig Klein842677186860910131
496.00David Maclean757268097186863881134
496.00David Ahlgrim609178387385161901134
690.00Trevor Greene629758386889569822137
787.00Alex Jones778718257286066851138
884.00Travis Johnson721148397484265861139
981.00Isaias Solano1232807070140
1078.00Brad Mccarthy504508337385168831141
1078.00James Frederick7467141
1078.00Michael Castiglione655898197484267841141
1369.00Maxwel Perna758437517583368831143
1369.00Dustin Jensen818147087773782143
1563.00Viloath Sabengsy7571146
1660.00Nathan Wojciechowski825417385175762148
1660.00Keith Myers7375148
1854.00Kyle Sprosty782646347781672792149
1854.00Daniel Wattman7574149
1854.00Matthew Stachura307247897385176752149
2145.00Kiks Enriquez743207657781673782150
2242.00Gene disk dog Halaska166398167979878733157
2339.00Steven Perna848418277276752158
2436.00Michael Kennedy695307528376377743160
2436.00Jake Folkerts743777258475576752160
2436.00Kenny Knouse747947608376377743160
2727.00Jonathan Henson824448277282693164
2824.00Bryan Beyersdorf374927698574682693167
2921.00Paul Wainwright794308971181703170
3018.00Frederick Beyersdorf374957189169388634179
3115.00Jimmy Ivers8999188
320.00Christopher Rosinski81888DNF
320.00Morgan Bates91888DNF
340.00Joe Lozano6910377777816999DNF
340.00Jerry Ayala6550881476825999DNF