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MidSouth Collegiate Open - Individual

MidSouth Collegiate Open - Individual

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Amateur XC-Tier

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Event complete; official ratings processed.31

Official Results

Advanced (31)

Jacob Henson #60440
Southaven, Mississippi, United States
Micah Peacock #81104
Starkville, Mississippi, United States
Austin Conger #89346
Martin, Tennessee, United States
Jonathan Underwood II #60695
Searcy, Arkansas, United States
Steven Hillerman #78504
Madison, Mississippi, United States
Jared Aschbrenner #60563
Beebe, Arkansas, United States
Michael Martin #52584
Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, United States
Jeremy Hunter #89729
Magnolia, Arkansas, United States
Trevor Strong #78505
Starkville, Mississippi, United States
Ethan Edwards #89587
Magnolia, Arkansas, United States
Jonathan Parker #96511
Dresden, Tennessee, United States
Keaton Walker #75649
Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, United States
Jeff Weber #95014
Hernando, Mississippi, United States
Eli Webb #83697
Jonesboro, Arkansas, United States
Richard Womack #67342
Arkadelphia, Arkansas, United States
Tyler Vaughan #81250
Starkville, Mississippi, United States
Billy Killebrew #89347
Martin, Tennessee, United States
Cole Neal #98167
Southaven, Mississippi, United States
Nick Collins #99920
Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States
Parker Sowers #84125
Ridgeland, Mississippi, United States
David Lombardo #89317
Starkville, Mississippi, United States
James Woody #100960
Martin, Tennessee, United States
Ethan Bolick #87950
El Dorado, Arkansas, United States
Connor Sturgill #99654
Shelbyville, Kentucky, United States
Hunter McCarty #100699
Bowling Green, Kentucky, United States
Aaron Tucker #95291
Carthage, Mississippi, United States
William Telford #101748
Magnolia, Arkansas, United States
Parker Brewster #95361
Brandon, Mississippi, United States
Disc Side of Heaven - Rec Course - Blue Tees; 18 holes; Par 56; 6,219 ft.
Disc Side of Heaven - Rec Course - White Tees; 18 holes; Par 56; 5,454 ft.
1155.00Jacob Henson6044099546102354968100
2150.00Micah Peacock811049235097854968104
3145.00Austin Conger893469295196755958106
3145.00Jonathan Underwood II606959435097856948106
5135.00Steven Hillerman785049715592252988107
5135.00Jared Aschbrenner605639445295655958107
7125.00Michael Martin525849125394456948109
8120.00Jeremy Hunter897299575592257938112
8120.00Trevor Strong785059465691156948112
10110.00Ethan Edwards895877975888956948114
10110.00Jonathan Parker965118965493360908114
12100.00Keaton Walker756498845987756948115
1395.00Jeff Weber950149045790060908117
1395.00Eli Webb836978815493363878117
1585.00Richard Womack673429345790062888119
1680.00Tyler Vaughan812509235790064869121
1680.00Billy Killebrew893478425888963878121
1680.00Cole Neal981679296581156948121
1965.00Nick Collins999208545888966849124
1965.00Parker Sowers841259175790067839124
2155.00David Lombardo893178536086666849126
2250.00James Woody1009606383364869127
2250.00Clarke Henson6265127
2440.00Ethan Bolick879508146581163878128
2535.00Connor Sturgill996546185568829129
2535.00Hunter McCarty1006996482265859129
2535.00Aaron Tucker952917956581164869129
2820.00Timothy Hawthorne6865133
2915.00Matt Archer6569134
3010.00William Telford1017486778872789139
315.00Parker Brewster953618786679974769140