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Disc Golf Course Design & Development

Welcome to Disc Golf Course Design and Development. Although the PDGA does not design or certify course installations, we are pleased to offer information based on best practices developed by experienced course designers over 4 decades of development, refinement and play. The Disc Golf Course Proposal offers a downloadable sample course proposal and other useful resources for proposing the installation of a course. Other helpful course development resources can be accessed from the menu on the right.

Disc Golf Course Design Goals

  1. Satisfy the design requirements of the people and organizations who approve use of the land and fund the equipment for the course. That includes meeting local, state and federal construction and safety requirements.
  2. Design the course to have sufficient visibility of players, pedestrians and vehicles who may pass near or through it, without the use of mandatory objects.
  3. Design course with the potential for multiple configurations to serve all skill levels and for possible tournaments; consistent with the budget and design needs in goal one above.
  4. Design a well-balanced course with a range of hole lengths, pars, and a good mixture of holes requiring controlled left, right and straight throws.
  5. Utilize elevation changes and available foliage as well as possible. Take care to minimize potential damage to foliage and reduce the chances for erosion.

Disc Golf Course Design Assistance

There are several documents available on the PDGA website to help with course design. There are additional design resources available online, primarily at the websites of basket manufacturers. Course design has gotten more sophisticated over the years. Seeking experienced design help from qualified individuals is highly recommended. Experienced designers can be well worth their fees by guiding clients through the process, recommending cost effective processes and equipment alternatives, and perhaps most important, improving visibility and reducing interference related problems. For help selecting a designer see Choosing the Best Disc Golf Course Designer for your Project and the Disc Golf Course Designers Wiki Group.