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Welcome to PDGA Europe. PDGA Europe was established in 2006 as a Committee of the PDGA Board of Directors, composed of the PDGA European Country Coordinators and the PDGA International Director. In September 2017 the first PDGA Europe Board of Directors assumed office and began working on the legal, governance and protocol-related documents. A full-time Europe Tour Manager and a full-time Europe Marketing Manager are now in position. PDGA Europe was officially registered in Finland. In 2021 a PDGA Europe office was opened in a Finnish sports building in Helsinki. By early 2022 the lengthy process involved in opening a bank account in Finland was completed, as was the first ever PDGA Europe Strategic Plan, led by Board Vice President William Woodward. All these action steps enabled PDGA Europe to become fully operational in 2022.

More information is also available at PDGA Europe Facebook and Instagram pages.