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Frequently Asked Questions - Membership

The PDGA is a nonprofit organization run by a volunteer Board of Directors, and hundreds – if not thousands – of volunteer hours to create all the programs managed by still more volunteers and 31 PDGA staff members. The PDGA uses the membership fees to:

  • Organize and manage 6,600+ competitive events worldwide, and the PDGA supports each event with electronic resources;
  • Manage player points, statistics, and rating system for 109,000+ active members;
  • Produce four full-color glossy publications of DiscGolfer Magazine annually;
  • Support the annual PDGA Professional, Amateur, Masters, and Junior World Championships;
  • Provide outstanding achievement awards to the PDGA Player of the Year, Tournament Director of the Year, Volunteer of the Year, and touring players;
  • Produce an online disc golf course directory with over 10,500+ entries;
  • Keep track of annual demographics that we supply to journalists, public relations promoters, and other interested parties;
  • Fund the Marco Polo Program, which supports the introduction of disc golf into new countries by providing support and guidance as infrastructure is developed;
  • Design and maintain the PDGA website where members can track their personal statistics in sanctioned events and get up-to-date information on tournament results, disc golf-related news, event coverage, and important announcements;
  • Support development and maintenance of tournament and league organization and registration at;
  • Facilitate event coverage of premier disc golf tournaments, including video coverage, hole-by-hole scoring, and more;
  • Send out hard copy and e-notices, membership information, ballots, the weekly E-newsletter, and other mass mailings;
  • Publish the Official Rules of Disc Golf and manage periodic revisions and updates;
  • Manage the Competition Manual for Disc Golf Events, a companion to the rules of play;
  • Produce an information kit available to PDGA members and non-members alike. 
  • Print a glossy promotional brochure entitled "Get to Know Disc Golf?" that is available to anyone;
  • Organize and subsidize an insurance policy that is available to tournament directors for PDGA-sanctioned events in the USA and Canada;
  • Develop and maintain rules official certification process;
  • Provide Course Marshals at the PDGA Pro, Master, Amateur, and Junior World Championships;
  • Provide sponsorship to Major, Elite Series which may include the form of a financial contribution, banners, flags, Marshals, and event registration/management assistance;
  • Host monthly teleconferences and two annual PDGA Board of Directors Summits;
  • Test and approve discs and baskets for sanctioned play;
  • Examine other important aspects of disc golf from the environment to sustainability;
  • Provide new members with a "welcome" membership package;
  • Gratefully acknowledge 10, 20, and 30-year PDGA members with an exclusive bag tag;
  • Continue to fund initiatives that work towards broadcasting disc golf via traditional television;
  • Open the International Disc Golf Center in Columbia County, Georgia in April of 2007, providing offices for the PDGA staff, the Disc Golf Hall of Fame, and The Ed Headrick Museum. This facility has three championship courses open to all disc golfers;
  • Create and enforce standards for PDGA sanctioned events;

All these PDGA activities and programs build credibility for disc golf and contribute to the formalization and growth of the sport. In short, as a PDGA member, you enjoy all the direct benefits of membership as listed above while also supporting and promoting the development of disc golf. The PDGA supports disc golf around the world and allows multiple opportunities for PDGA members to be active and engaged community members that help with the continuous growth of the sport of disc golf. Impact your local and international disc golf community by joining the Professional Association for all disc golfers.

The processing, shipping, and delivery of your PDGA membership package may take 6-10 weeks. Once the PDGA Fulfillment Office prints the shipping label for your membership package, you will receive a confirmation email with the tracking information. Thank you for your patience.

The Birdie, Ace and Eagle Clubs are premium membership upgrades that enable the PDGA to continue to strengthen our programs, grants, and activities globally including:

  • Diversity and Outreach Grants
  • Youth and Education Grants
  • Competition Endowment Program
  • Marco Polo Grant Program – an International Initiative
  • Player and Course Rating Systems
  • Marketing of the PDGA Majors
  • Support for the PDGA Website and Media Initiatives
  • Upkeep of our sport's permanent home, the International Disc Golf Center

Birdie Club members receive a Birdie Club logo disc and Birdie Club Bag Tag. Ace Club members receive an Ace Club logo disc, a PDGA Ace Club logo shirt, Ace Club metal mini, and an Ace Club Bag Tag. Eagle Club members receive a lifetime active status with the PDGA, two personalized Eagle Club logo discs, and an Eagle Club softshell jacket. All members of these clubs are listed on our website in a premium member list along with a designation on their player profile. If you would like to upgrade your membership and are current for the calendar year, please contact the Memberships Manager. 

Absolutely! The PDGA is the Professional Association for ALL disc golfers. 

Yes, a family discount is available. The family discount applies when two or more PDGA memberships share the same address. The second and, or any additional family members that sign up with the PDGA with the same address will receive a five dollar discount on their PDGA membership. The PDGA family membership discount will only send a single subscription of the quarterly publication of DiscGolfer Magazine to the address on file.

Yes to both. We track all sanctioned PDGA event results for all members in our database. If, after renewing, you do not see an event added to your stats, please contact our Event Support Team.  Please be sure to include a link to any event in question.

Currently, we do not offer prorated memberships. If you feel you are going to compete in several PDGA sanctioned events before October 1st, then it will be worth it to go ahead and join. When you join the PDGA, any required temporary membership fees at PDGA sanctioned events are waived. However, if you will not be competing much before then, join after October 1st and your membership will be extended through the following year.

If you join/renew your PDGA membership before March 1st each year, you will receive four print issues of DiscGolfer Magazine for that calendar year. If you join/renew your PDGA membership after March 1st each year, back issues of the magazine printed before you joined/renewed will be made available to you electronically, and you will only receive printed copies of issues published after your join/renewal date.

Although some Tournament Directors offer to accept memberships at an event, it can sometimes lead to a lengthy process. Your registration information will arrive with the tournament report, and that report may not be due until 30 days later, depending on the tier level of the event. Your best bet, for a faster turnaround, is to process your membership online for the quickest processing.

Yes, please contact the Event Support Team so that they can assist you. Please include a link to any official results pages, as well as your PDGA number. 

If you have an account here on, you can update your own member information any time you like. First, login and select the "Edit" tab under "My Account". If you see phone number and mailing address fields, just update your information, hit the Save button and you're done. If you don't see those fields, we'll need to link your PDGA membership with your user account. Include your PDGA number and your username in the form below and we'll take care of it ASAP.

If your membership package has not arrived within 6 weeks of being processed, please contact the Memberships Manager with your order number, your PDGA number, and your current mailing address. Once your address is confirmed, we will have the PDGA Fulfillment Office resend your membership package.

A full list of member benefits can be found here.

You can find your PDGA number using the Player Search located under the Membership link in the main menu or by going directly to

Recipients of international shipments may be subject to import taxes, fees, and customs duties, levied by the customs office of your shipping destination. These fees are based on the customs regulations of the destination country. Customs policies vary widely, and some countries don't charge import fees or custom duties for shipments that fall below a minimum value which most basic international membership packages don't exceed. Please contact the customs office of your country for more information.

The new PDGA Policy on Eligibility for Gender Protected Divisions was proposed by the PDGA Medical Committee and was approved by the PDGA Board of Directors on March 12, 2019.  The International Olympic Committee (IOC) established a new policy from the Consensus Meeting on Sex Reassignment and Hyperandrogenism in November 2015, and the new PDGA policy is in alignment with the latest IOC standard.

PDGA memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable. PDGA membership benefits and services are available to you immediately upon completing the registration process.