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PDGA Radio News debuted in 2004 - the same year the term “podcast” was coined. Created by Brian Sullivan #14015 this innovative program delivered a weekly 20-minute broadcast jam-packed with fast-paced, up-to-the-minute content all about disc golf. Brian hosted from 2004 through 2006. Then, Steve Kuzenski #29027 took over the mic from 2008 until 2010. In 2018, Steve Hill #103842 and Sara Lamberson #41012 reinvented the show and gave listeners 125 hour-long episodes discussing and detailing the pro tour. Relaunched in 2022, Grant Zellner #61914 and Jennifer Allen #15354 pilot a show featuring special guests from across the disc golf landscape, listener questions, and more coverage of the pro and amateur game.

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PDGA Radio: January 31, 2023

Grant and Jen welcome David Wiggins, Jr. and Albert Tamm – two competitors from the 2022 United States Distance Championship. Learn about how they got into disc golf, how they throw so far, and how you can see coverage of the championship for yourself.

PDGA Radio: January 17, 2023

Legends. This week's PDGA Radio guest Tom Schot (left), with Dr. Stancil Johnson and Ken Climo.

PDGA Radio: January 3, 2023

For the first episode of 2023, we start with an overview of the 2022 PDGA Player/Rookie of the Year Awards. Then we welcome the Shues – 2018 world champ, Paige, and Grady (and almost-2-year-old Savannah, sort of). This disc golf family has a lot of new adventures in store for the new year as they venture back out on tour.

PDGA Radio: December 20, 2022

Ricky Wysocki took a break from all the moving boxes to visit with Grant and Jen. We chat about Ricky's offseason projects, which include a moving to a new home in Arizona, owning a retail shop, and prepping for 2023.


PDGA Radio: December 6, 2022

Callie McMorran is a self-proclaimed "old soul." She won't qualify to play in the masters division for another 15 years... so, she's directing a new masters-only tour in the U.S, and Grant and Jen (and you) are among the first to hear about it.

PDGA Radio: November 22, 2022

Jeff Homburg is the chair of the PDGA Technical Standards Working Group. Translation: If he doesn't approve the disc, you can't buy it and throw it. It's our first – of probably many – interesting chats on PDGA Radio.

PDGA Radio: November 8, 2022

We bet you'll learn something you DIDN'T know about "The Disc Golf Guy" in this episode of PDGA Radio. Terry Miller joins Grant and Jen for a chat.

PDGA Radio: October 25, 2022

Grant and Jennifer look back at the 2022 season and look ahead to the PDGA Major and DGPT schedules for 2023.

PDGA Radio: September 28, 2022

Right after Saturday's rounds at the MVP Open, Grant and Jen get a few minutes with Kristin Tattar and Silver Lätt, to chat about life on the road during this whirlwind season.

PDGA Radio: September 6, 2022

Several of Tim Selinske's friends – David Greenwell, Sam Ferrans, and Kurt Lampkin – join Grant and Jen on the eve of the PDGA U.S. Masters Championship that's named in Tim's memory.

PDGA Radio: Special Episode

On the eve of 2022 PDGA Pro Worlds, Grant and Jen sit down with David Greenwell, who has competed in 40 straight world championships. (Yes, that's all of them!) Bonus: Jen also gets a green-side interview with the mixed pro doubles champs.

PDGA Radio: August 23, 2022

PDGA Pro Worlds 2022 is coming up fast, so before we look to the future, we look to the (very recent) past. Grant and Jen get a few minutes with the defending world champions, Catrina Allen and James Conrad.

PDGA Radio: August 9, 2022

Basically, Grant and Jennifer spend about 90 minutes trying to keep up with Crazy John Brooks. Come along for the ride!

PDGA Radio: July 26, 2022

After successfully defending her Masters World Championship, Ohn Scoggins joins Grant and Jennifer to talk about her life and her love of disc golf. If you've wanted to get to know Ohn, this is your episode.

PDGA Radio: July 12, 2022

First, we chat with Nate Heinold, PDGA board president and TD of this week's Masters and Junior Worlds. Then Andi Young and George Sappenfield of the Disc Golf Hall of Fame join us to talk about HoF history and the new class.

PDGA Radio: June 28, 2022

Grant and Jennifer track down 5x world champion Juliana Korver. We glance back, with a look at her career, and peer forward, at the upcoming U.S. Women's Disc Golf Championships.

PDGA Radio: June 14, 2022

First, Grant and Jen have a long, casual convo with Cale Leiviska, pro player and designer of The Preserve (hosting the upcoming DGPT event). Then, we catch a moment with the US Am champion, Ilkin Groh, who's already back at his 9-to-5.


PDGA Radio: May 31, 2002

Before they started Bevel Craft Brewing in Oregon, Nate Doss and Valarie Jenkins-Doss brewed up seven world disc golf championships. They are also two primary commentators on the Disc Golf Network. Grant and Jen catch up with them just before the pro tour rolls into town.

PDGA Radio: May 17, 2022

If you saw "Flatball" – the Ultimate documentary – you are acquainted with this week's guest, but you may not know it. Dennis "Cribber" Warsen joins Grant and Jennifer to talk about his next exciting film project.

PDGA Radio: May 10, 2022

De Laveaga disc golf course is on everyone's bucket list, thanks to people like Marty Hapner, a Hall of Famer and former TD of the Masters Cup in Santa Cruz. We chat about history and the upcoming pro tourney.

PDGA Radio: May 3, 2022

Some are calling this a "week off." Not for Grant and Jen, nor for our guest Allen Risley, Tourney Director of the upcoming Challenge at Goat Hill Park. This convo covers a lot of ground.

PDGA Radio: April 26, 2022

Grant and Jen track down Dynamic Disc Open's course designer (and so much more), Eric McCabe for a preview of the always-anticipated tourney in Emporia, Kansas. Note: You're gonna see lots of "new" this weekend!

PDGA Radio: April 19, 2022

From the International Disc Golf Center in Appling, Georgia, Grant and Jen first remember "Old Man" Wallis with a chat with his son (and PDGA board member) Wilbur Wallis... then we get the first interviews with the first PDGA Champions Cup victors.


PDGA Radio: April 12, 2022

It's the week of the inaugural PDGA Champions Cup. First, Grant and Jen welcome Michael Sizemore and Carlos Lozano from presenting sponsor Bushnell. Then, it's tournament director Robert Leonard talking about the iconic W.R. Jackson course.


PDGA Radio: April 5, 2022

Guest Tim Barr is the director of disc golf at Milligan University, one of the first scholarship-offering collegiate disc golf programs in the United States. Plus, the 2022 College Disc Golf National Championships – a PDGA Major – are this weekend. Lots to talk about.


PDGA Radio: March 29, 2022

Award-Winning Tournament Director Doug Bjerkaas has designed disc golf courses of all shapes and sizes... so we're talking about the evolution of disc golf course design this week on PDGA Radio.


PDGA Radio: March 22, 2022

The Queen of Discs, 5x World Champion Elaine King joins Grant and Jen in the midst of her Texas swing of disc golf tournaments.

PDGA Radio: March 15, 2022

For the first time, it's hard to write a worthy description for an episode. That's how much we love hearing from the legend, PDGA #003 Dan "Stork" Roddick. If you know, you know. If you don't, you will. We talk history, Stork's nickname, and the Disc Golfers' Code.

PDGA Radio: March 8, 2022

Todd Lion of the PDGA's Event Support Team talks "rules" with Grant and Jen (specifically, that Mando rules update from last week). We also spend a quick moment talking candidacy for the Disc Golf Hall of Fame, and the fact that the criteria was recently modified.

PDGA Radio: March 1, 2022

Grant and Jen talk about Viva-ing Las Vegas, then get a little experimental with an unscripted, unplanned, lunchtime chat with Drew Gibson, his Sunday caddie Makayla Allen, Henna Blomroos, and Eveliina Salonen.