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2020 PDGA Women's Global Event

2020 PDGA Women's Global Event

Event Information

The PDGA Women's Committee is very pleased to announce the fifth edition of the PDGA Women’s Global Event on May 9th, 2020. Inaugurated in 2012, this biennial event continues to break records as the largest PDGA event for a single demographic within the sport of disc golf. In 2018 there were 80 registered tournaments, spanning 39 states and 14 countries with a combined turnout of 2092 women competing in 23 different PDGA divisions. We can break that record again in 2020!

How It Works

On May 9th, women from all around the world will play two rounds of disc golf at their local participating PDGA Women's Global Event. Scores from the first two rounds of each participating tournament will be submitted by the individual tournament directors and rated by the PDGA. These round ratings will be totaled and averaged to determine the player's "Global Score." For the rounds to qualify, the event must include two rounds and have at least three ratings propagators playing on the same course layout each round for ratings to be calculated as accurately as possible. Please note, the exact same course layout must be used for both rounds. The Global Scores will be updated throughout the day to determine our PDGA Women’s Global Event Champions and the winner in each division will receive a memorable trophy.

*Note for Juniors 12 and Under: As in 2018, Juniors 12 and under will have only one round (the first round on Saturday May 9th, 2020) included into the overall PDGA Women’s Global Event.  The layout played by Juniors must have at least 3 propagators (with 8 officially rated rounds of 700+) playing that same layout to get an accurate rating for the PDGA Women’s Global Event.


  • To be a part of this event just register to play in a local PDGA sanctioned tournament scheduled for May 9th, 2020.
  • Check with your local tournament director to make sure they've registered the event as a Women's Global Event with the PDGA.
  • You do not have to be a current PDGA member to play. The PDGA has graciously waived all non-member and player fees for this event to make this event more accessible for new players.
  • Check with your tournament director for more information on your local event, including whether the TD is providing the official WGE Player’s Pack to tournament registrants
  • For additional event details, please read the Women's Global Event FAQs

Tournament Directors

  • Sanction your local Women's Global Event tournament
  • Are you already running a PDGA Sanctioned Tournament on May 9th? Register your event as a Women's Global Event with the PDGA.
  • Set up Player Registration for your Women's Global Event on Disc Golf Scene.
  • You must offer all PDGA junior, professional and amateur women's divisions at your event.
  • You are strongly encouraged to purchase WGE Player’s Packages for your tournament entrants (more details to come!)
  • For additional event details on how to register your own event please read the Women's Global Event FAQs.

PDGA Women's Committee