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International Disc Golf Center

Headquarters of the Professional Disc Golf Association

The PDGA International Disc Golf Center, located at Wildwood Park in Appling, GA, proudly represents the sport of disc golf and is a must see for every disc golf enthusiast. It features a modern climate-controlled clubhouse with 2,700 sq. ft. of amenities and attractions that will make your visit a unique experience. Inside you will find the Disc Golf Hall of Fame, a tribute to the storied giants of the sport, upon whose shoulders we continue to grow the sport and the Ed Headrick Memorial Museum which showcases a portion of disc golf’s history as it progressed from throwing the Frisbie pie pan to the design of modern disc engineering.

Outside a state of the art training center awaits with mutliple putting greens and three demanding championship caliber courses. These disc golf courses will challenge you and improve every aspect of your game while the comprehensive pro shop and knowledgeable staff will provide you with the tools and confidence to realize your potential as a disc golfer.