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Share Your Disc Golf Stories, Videos, and Photos!

As disc golf continues to grow at a rapid pace, we wanted to provide a channel for disc golf content producers around the globe to share their content with the viewers of, the PDGA Facebook page, @PDGA on Twitter, the PDGA Weekly Newsletter, and fans of disc golf everywhere.

Media Categories

There are 3 main types of disc golf content that we are looking for:


Before submitting a story, please take a moment to review the story submission guidelines to make sure that we have everything we need from you to publish the story on 

Stories can be about a specific disc golf event, disc golf statistics, editorials/opinion pieces, community activity, fundraisers, and/or anything else that the disc golf world encompasses. Whether or not it is published is based on quality and priority. Please keep in mind that even if the story is not published immediately, it may still be published later when the time is right.

If you simply wish to share an already published story with us, email our Media Manager and include a link with a brief description. If you’re on Twitter, send a tweet to @PDGA with the link. You can also send us a message on the PDGA Facebook page.

All of our published stories can be found on the PDGA News page. Listed below are a few examples of stories published to the home page that were submitted by third parties.


As long as the content of the video has something to do with disc golf, we will happily take a look. This can include but is not limited to tournament coverage videos, tips/tutorials, editorials/opinions, course reviews, disc reviews, etc. Take a look at our video submission guidelines page for more information before submitting your video.

Approved videos will be added to the PDGA Videos page. They can also be chosen as the featured video for the home page of and/or the featured videos section of the PDGA Weekly Newsletter. Videos that cover rounds from recent PDGA events will typically take priority for the featured video section(s).

Listed below are a few examples of videos that were selected to be featured on the home page. The videos contained quality content, had high-resolution footage from a significant PDGA event, and most importantly, they were posted to YouTube in a timely fashion.


As the quality of digital photos has increased over the years, so has the size of the image files they produce, making it increasingly difficult to submit sets of them via email. Flickr, Dropbox, and several other websites have made it easier to share high-resolution photo sets without losing image quality. If you do have sets or albums to submit, please consider using an online service to do so ahead of time. The PDGA Media submission form has a field where you can include a link to where your photosets are hosted. 

Flickr has a PDGA group where dozens of photographers have been uploading disc golf photos for years. The group is open to the public and once you've joined you can start adding images to that collection.

If you simply wish to share a picture that you have taken, an image you’ve created, or even a piece of artwork, feel free to tweet the photo to @PDGA on Twitter, tag @PDGA on Instagram, or attach it in a private message to the PDGA Facebook page.

Ready? Set. Go!

Got some good stuff you'd like to share? Submit your disc golf story, photo, or video today!