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Luxembourg is the 48th PDGA Affiliate Country. Photo: Suessem, Je T'aime

Gérard Kraus has always had a knack for organizing events, from a video game club in junior high school to organizing a pop-culture convention, the first of its kind in his country.

After discovering the sport in 2019, Kraus combined his passion for organizing and his newfound love of disc golf. As a result of his efforts, Luxembourg has recently been added as a PDGA Affiliate Country.

A student at Cherokee Middle School in North Carolina putts during P.E. class. Photo: Cherokee One Feather

Disc golf is growing in the Qualla Boundary in western North Carolina.

Recently, students at Cherokee Middle School received instructional videos, new baskets and over 75 discs as a part of a PDGA Diversity and Outreach Grant Program, bringing disc golf into the community for the first time.

Can I throw an extra shot for fun? What's the deal with the mini discs? My drive is under the basket, should I just pick it up and tap the chains?

PDGA tournament or league play can have some differences from the casual rounds you might be used to throwing.

Luckily, all you need to have a successful first event is to know a few basic things. As you play more tournaments – or even run some events of your own – you’ll quickly become well-versed in the PDGA Official Rules of Disc Golf (which you should read up on before your tournament, along with the Competition Manual).

Nearly 100 physical education teachers were exposed to the virtues of the lifetime sport of disc golf this summer through a grant program seeded by the PDGA and the Educational Disc Golf Experience.

PDGA Youth and Education manager and Disc Golf Hall of Famer Des Reading and Jay Reading, of E.D.G.E, led two professional development training sessions for the Humble Independent School District near Houston, Texas to train physical educators on the fundamentals of disc golf as well as how to properly and safely teach the sport. The workshop fulfilled the educator’s professional requirements with eight hours of training.

A basket is shown in Parque el Country in Bogota, Columbia. Photo: Nicolas Restrepo / Disc Golf Scene

Disc golf isn't just exploding at your local course right now.

It's a common scene around the world.

PDGA International Director Brian Hoeniger recently announced that two more countries – Colombia and Portugal – were added to the ever-growing list of PDGA affiliated countries.

Lithuania, whose affiliation was previously with the Vilnius Club in the capital city, changed its affiliation to the newly-formed national disc golf association, the Federacija Lietuvos Diskgolfo. Lithuania has been a PDGA affiliate country for 10 years.

Golf, at its core, is a sport of integrity and courtesy to fellow players, the course, and the game itself. It’s a game of personal responsibility — a self-officiating battle between the player, the course, and competitors.

The rules of disc golf are thorough, and the enforcement of the rules are critical to upholding the integrity of the game, which, as you know, has absolutely exploded in recent years.

With the massive influx of new players finding disc golf, both as casual and tournament players, there are a few guidelines that, at the end of the day, protect and uphold the integrity of the game.

Paul McBeth looks on during a clinic at Rancho El Camino in La Paz, Mexico. Photo: JomezPro

Paul McBeth recently spent an off week swinging a pickaxe, digging holes, building baskets and planting the seeds of disc golf in a place that had never heard about the sport.

After announcing a non-profit earlier this year, the namesake of the organization and the five-time PDGA World Champion, together with a team and partners, hit the ground running in late May.

Earhart Environmental Magnet School was the recipient of a PDGA COVID-19 Physical Education Relief Grant. Photo: Trey Thompson

For the Earhart Environmental Magnet School in Wichita, Kansas, whose school motto is, “No Child Left Indoors,” Earth Day is a big deal.

That’s why when disc golf was chosen as a featured activity for this year’s Earth Day celebration, Trey Thompson, a first-year teacher at Earhart, reached out to Des and Jay Reading to invite them to participate.

In this five-part series I'll suggest potential, perhaps radical, ways to get 50 to 1000 times more spectators than we have now. Without a quickly growing base of paying spectators, whether in person, live online, or post-production video, there will continue to be just enough money in the game for a small number of professionals to eek out a living from their winnings and sponsorships. This is true for any emerging sport, not just disc golf. 

Let your love show and help your sport grow on Friday, April 6th. If you get one person hooked on disc sports, you've just doubled your number.

If we ALL try to do that together, we could double the ENTIRE POPULATION of disc sports in one day! 

Spread the word and let's all take a disc to work or school on Friday, April 6th!

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