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PDGA Board of Directors Minutes and Motions

This is the archive of the meeting minutes of the Board of Directors of the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA). The PDGA Board of Directors meets monthly, usually by teleconference on the second Tuesday of each month. The Board also meets face to face twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall for the PDGA Summit meetings.

We are often asked why minutes cannot be shared "within a week or two" of a meeting. It usually takes a week or two to draft the minutes (Good minutes are hard to write, it is an art.) - which are then proofread by several staff and Board members, and which then must be approved by a vote of the Board during a subsequent meeting. Only then can the approved minutes be published on this website.

A note: For members who are relatively inexperienced about Board meetings and the responsibilities of PDGA Directors, it is easy to look at a motion and a vote in the minutes of a meeting and assume, because the motion carried unanimously, that there was no debate or no significant discussion. That is not the case. Every member of the Board takes his or her responsibilities very seriously and what ends up as a unanimous vote very often culminates months or weeks of email discussions and a vigorous telephone discussion with wildly varying perspectives. We find it very often to be true that "multiple heads are better than one" - meaning that each of us brings a different perspective and a different set of life experiences to the Board, and each of us is quite willing to listen to others and change our minds or arrive at a compromise in the best interest of the PDGA and our wonderful sport of disc golf.