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PDGA Europe Award Winners

PDGA Europe Players of the Year

PDGA Europe Player of the Year is an individual competition governed by PDGA Europe to recognize the overall best European player performance in disc golf in a calendar year.

Year Name PDGA #
2014 Simon Lizotte 8332
2014 Ragna Bygde 8559
2015 Simon Lizotte 8332
2015 Ragna Bygde 8559
2016 Karl Johan Nybo 28903
2016 Eveliina Salonen 64927
2017 Simon Lizotte 8332
2017 Eveliina Salonen 64927
2018 Seppo Paju 36744
2018 Kristin Tattar 73986
2019 Simon Lizotte 8332
2019 Kristin Tattar 73986
2020 Not selected.*  
2021 Kristin Tattar 73986
2021 Linus Carlsson 82098
2022 Kristin Tattar 73986
2022 Niklas Anttila 91249

* Players did not have an equal opportunity to participate in the events due to the COVID-19 epidemic, which is why the Players of the Year were not selected in 2020.

PDGA Europe Volunteers of the Year

Everybody knows who the current Disc Golf World Champion is, and maybe even what kind of discs they throw.

But do you ever stop to think who that volunteer was who rescued your favourite driver from that treacherous pond? Who the people are that turn around 90 scorecards and scores in 60 minutes? How about the unsung heroes that get out at 5am in the morning to set up the course for this weekend’s tournament? Or who are the persons who tirelessly and selflessly take care of furthering the sport in general in your country?

As PDGA Europe, we decided to place our volunteers in the spotlight. There’s obviously no way to know all volunteers, and thank them personally, but we actually should.

Instead, we’ve decided to, as a thank you to all volunteers at once, hand the award to one volunteer in particular who has gone above and beyond for disc golf on a European level.

Year Name PDGA #
2009 Florence Dumont 25097
2010 Peter Bygde 8558
2011 Jonas Löf 3416
2011 Mats Löf 4589
2012 Darius Gricius 41932
2013 Laura Nagtegaal 44969
2014 Janne Karlsson 34065
2015 Marko Saviauk 70804
2016 Peter Buijsrogge 28282
2017 Carlos Rio 16108
2018 Dinko Šimenc 52313
2019 Kasper Andersen  91585
2020 Tapani Aulu 44389
2021 Zoë Winfield 108930
2022 René Mikkelsen 72026