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Monkey Trap Pro from Disc Golf Monkey


Manufacturer / Distributor: Disc Golf Monkey
Category: Championship
Approved Date: Sep 12, 2022
Certification Number: 22-161


Height Above Ground: 79.1cm
Depth: 19.0cm
Inside Diameter: 69.1cm
Maximum Size of Gaps: 17.6cm
Radial Reps: 12
Frame: Powder Coated Steel
Outside Diameter: 71.0

Deflection Assembly

Maximum Width: 55.4cm
Outer Chains: 12
Inner Chains: 12
Frame: Powder Coated Steel
Top: Powder Coated Steel
Maximum Size of Gaps on Top: 14.2cm

Target zone

Target Zone Height: 51.5cm


Material: Steel
Width: 5.0cm