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Mark Horn #67

  • Hall of Fame Class: 2003
  • PDGA #: 67
  • Birth Year: 1950
  • Hometown: Altadena, CA, USA

Mark Horn has been playing top-level disc golf since the very beginnings of the game and has remained deeply involved. He has been a top player, winning a pre-PDGA world championship and continues to be a top divisional player. He is also an elite-level overall player with many world titles. Mark toured Japan to spread the game in the 80's and he and his family have run the Wintertime Open for over 25 years. Mark¹s disc golf pro shop at Oak Grove established him as one of the pioneers of the professional sport. Perhaps most important of all, Mark has played thousands of rounds of disc golf and it is impossible to find a player who didn¹t enjoy the round that he or she got to play with Mark. He is what disc golf is all about.