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PDGA Staff

Executive Director

The Executive Director is hired and supervised by the PDGA Board of Directors. The executive director manages the day-to-day business of the PDGA and works with the Board of Directors to develop organizational goals. The Executive Director oversees all directorates, programs, services, and activities of the organization.

photo of Doug

Executive Director

Doug Bjerkaas


Reporting to the executive director are the following departments:

Headquarters Staff

The headquarters staff leads executive tasks, including collaboration and communication with other PDGA directorates to meet established tasks and timelines. The headquarters directorate is responsible for management of the PDGA headquarters office, the International Disc Golf Center, and PDGA accounting. 

The headquarters staff also oversees and directs three operational committees responsible for critical PDGA tasks, including Technical Standards, Medical, and Disciplinary Committees.


Deputy Executive Director

Mike Downes



Human Resources Manager

Ginny Sweeton



Senior Accountant

Mark Wetherell



IDGC Facility Team Leader

Nathaniel Samsel



IDGC Manager

Sid Olcott



IDGC Assistant

Dillon Deal


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Policy and Compliance

The Policy and Compliance department oversees the practices and procedures related to the governance of disc golf while also focusing on understanding and meeting external legal and regulatory requirements and driving internal standards and processes to ensure compliance.


Director of Policy and Compliance

Mike Sullivan



Policy and Compliance Specialist

Robert Leonard


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The Product team is responsible for the development and management of new and existing products that fulfill the strategic initiatives of the PDGA and provide value to our members. 

photo of Dion

Director of Product

Dion Arlyn


Senior Project Manager

Tim Messer


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Membership & Growth

The Membership and Growth team oversees membership and fulfillment programs. This team works continuously to assess and improve membership benefits and customer support.

This team also manages PDGA board of directors elections, annual awards, affiliate clubs, sports industry conferences, and grant programs. Membership and Growth also builds relationships with partner organizations like the World Flying Disc Federation, the Disc Golf Hall of Fame, and other groups aimed at growing disc golf worldwide. Likewise, Membership and Growth develops and oversees programs directly designed to grow the awareness and participation of disc golf within emerging markets and underserved demographics, including youth and education, international, seniors, women and girls, BIPOC, etc.


Director of Membership & Growth

Brian Graham



Memberships Manager

Vic Allen



Membership Program Manager

Nick Wilder



International Program Director

Brian Hoeniger



PDGA Latin America Coordinator

Luis Rodriguez



PDGA Europe Tour Manager

Matěj Verl



PDGA Europe Marketing & Media Manager

Calixto García



PDGA Europe General Manager

Juuso Nieminen


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Support & Training

The Support and Training team offers seven-day-a-week support to event directors and players. These services include support for event sanctioning, registration, waivers, insurance, day-of troubleshooting, scoring, post event reports, ratings, etc. EST also maintains effective communication platforms for TD/player feedback & questions.

This team also creates learning platforms to house training, education and best practices content. They also lead dedicated support for leagues, virtual events, and affiliated club programs designed to increase competitive opportunities for members, including: Women’s Global Event, PDGA Masters Tour, School Club League, and more.

photo of Big Dog

Director of Event Support and Training

Andrew Big Dog Sweeton


photo of Todd

Deputy Director of Event Support and Training

Todd Lion



Event Support and Training Manager

Steve Boylan


Event Support and Training Manager

Allen Risley


Event Support and Training Manager

Andy Rothschild


Event Support and Training Manager

Ben Swam



Event Support Assistant

Amber Schoch


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The Competition team oversees the development, communications, planning, and execution of all Majors, Elite Series, and other premiere professional and amateur competitive events. This team also works with our partners at these events including the Disc Golf Pro Tour, local organizing committees, National Amatuer Disc Golf Tour, US Disc Golf, PDGA Europe, and other competition-related partners. 

Competition procures and manages all on site PDGA assets, conducts detailed site visits before awarding bids and leading up to events to ensure compliance with PDGA competitive requirements and standards. They also coordinate the marshaling program for premier events. This directorate works with the Majors Committee and Pro Touring Players Committee to improve existing events and to create new ones.


Director of Competition

Rebecca Duffy



Operations and Logistics Manager

Patrick Graziani



Operations and Logistics Manager

Jamie Kemp


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Marketing and Media

The Marketing and Media team manages all aspects of marketing and media which includes creating engaging content for the website, social media, the PDGA Radio podcast, YouTube, DiscGolfer Magazine, and other platforms. This team manages PDGA branding, public relations, social media, and overall PDGA messaging.

Marketing and Media also facilitates communication with members and industry stakeholders, oversees partnership programs, and solicits sponsorships and advertisers.


Director of Marketing

Danny Voss



Communications Manager

Hayden Henry



Media Manager

Matthew Rothstein



Brand Manager

Grant Zellner



Digital Marketing Specialist

Jennie Greathouse-Nance



Graphic Design Specialist

Kaitlyn Sapone


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The Technology team manages the full spectrum of technology solutions for the PDGA. This team designs and develops the next generation of web-based mobile and desktop applications for event directors, members, players and fans; including the PDGA digital scorecard, tournament manager, player ratings, ranking programs, algorithms, and emerging technologies. Technology also maintains the technology platforms that enable daily operations of the PDGA Staff.


Director of Technology

Peter Crist



Staff Software Engineer

Ben Botto



Software Engineer

Drew Acheson



Senior Software Engineer

Tim Allen


Senior Software Engineer

Hans Anderson


Software Engineer

Evan Kerns



UX/UI Designer

Matt Lopreste


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