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Caution: Flying Discs

Caution: Flying Discs

PDGA Launches Course Signage Initiative

Thursday, February 25, 2016 - 13:05

The first rule of the Disc Golfer’s Code is: "Talk about The Code.”

So far, the positive response from disc golfers worldwide toward the Disc Golf Code has been truly remarkable. By talking about the code, you are promoting the code, and in turn helping to shape the future of our sport. However, it is essential to remember that promoting the education and awareness of the sport should not rely 100% on those that play it.

Course Signage

It’s a well-known fact that a majority of disc golf courses are housed in multi-use facilities. This is common knowledge for our community, but many other patrons of these facilities may be unaware that there are people throwing discs in the park. More importantly, those same patrons may be unaware that they are about to be or are currently walking through an area where flying discs have the potential of heading in their direction.

In an effort to promote the awareness of disc golf to other park patrons, the PDGA is launching an initiative to encourage disc golf courses worldwide to post Caution: Flying Discs signs in any and all areas where they may be needed and/or allowed.


Caution: Flying Discs sign designed by Sam Mrdeza #60536.

To aid in this initiative, the PDGA will be offering a high-resolution versions of the Caution: Flying Discs graphic on our website, available for free in JPG, PDF, and EPS (vector) formats. The PDGA would like to thank Graphic Designer Sam Mrdeza #60536 for creating this simple but perpetually important design that we hope to see displayed at thousands of courses in the days, weeks, months, and years to come.

But wait, there’s more! In addition to the Caution: Flying Discs graphics, the Disc Golfer’s Code is now available for download in high-resolution as well! The Disc Golfer’s Code graphic is free for anyone to use on signs, banners, shirts, clipboards, a 3-D model, and everything in between!

3D Disc Golfer's Code sign at the International Disc Golf Center

3D Disc Golfer's Code sign created by Dayna Reed #67635 of

Discounted Retail Printing

We know that having these graphics professionally printed isn’t cheap, so we are actively working to partner with sign manufacturing retailers in various regions to offer a discount for PDGA members.

Our first partnership is with Dayna Reed #67635 of He has graciously agreed to offer a discount for all PDGA members that can be viewed on the price breakdown below. To contact Dayna, shoot him an email with your name and be sure to include your PDGA number.

Note: You must be a current PDGA member to receive the discount, one of many PDGA membership benefits.


Click on thumbnail to enlarge.

An always up-to-date list of sign retailers that offer discounts to PDGA members can be seen on both the Disc Golfer’s Code document page and the Caution Flying Discs document page. If you work for or know of a retailer that may be interested in being added to this list as a PDGA partner, please fill out the form on the PDGA Events Assistant's contact page.

With both the Caution: Flying Discs and the Disc Golfer’s Code initiative, we hope to make the term “Fore” as irrelevant as Betamax videotapes. Protecting disc golfers and other park patrons from the inherent dangers of our sport is a vital key in its sustainability.

Questions? Send an email to the PDGA Events Assistant.

“There aren’t many words here, but they may hold the key to the sustainable growth of our sport. Our previously exclusive pastime is expanding at a positively viral rate and we are no longer just a few kids fooling around in the park. If we have aspirations to be a significant part of the global (and local) sports scene, it’s time for us to step up and represent our very best. Consider how many disc golf shots are now taken every day. Each one of those flights is a tangible part of building and maintaining a bright future for our game. Our time has come to get serious about having fun. The Disc Golfer's Code - Know It and Throw It!”

Dan "Stork" Roddick #3, Disc Golfer's Code


While this is a good idea for our current situation, this is a perfect example as to why we need to stop pushing for free courses on public land. Time to put on our big boy pants and start installing private courses and things like this and many other problems would go away.

Submitted by daynareed on

I know right, I think we all spend money weekly on stuff outside of disc golf… I can see why ball golf if so expensive with all they have to do to keep courses up and running yikes… so glad disc golf is so inexpensive eco friendly and accessible to all of us that don't make a lot of money...

Submitted by daynareed on

Oops and how can we forget the countless hours and efforts donated by individuals at every disc golf course… thanks you all...

These new yellow signs are great! While some people might STILL not notice them, here's an idea for really busy park areas: How about roping off the course at those critical points, with the yellow sign strategically placed at an opening in the ropes where a path goes through?

Submitted by FredVocino on

Someone once said that a camel is a horse designed by a committee. Another person might wonder how an organization produces a statement like this, where a presumed number of contributors would be recognized. More about the genesis of the code and the organizational path it has taken would be useful to market this message.