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2022 PDGA Member Benefits

Every year, direct feedback from members helps us determine exactly what membership benefits are most important. Additionally, new tools and technology become available, which benefit the game. And, new potential partners approach the PDGA with products and services that can enhance the membership experience. Thus, every year the PDGA responds by reviewing member benefits in order to improve the quantity, value and impact of the benefits exclusively offered to PDGA members.

Since 2007, PDGA membership dues have not increased, but the benefits of PDGA membership continue to grow in several key areas:



PDGA members have spoken. Ever-increasing disc golf media access, including coverage of professional events, was denoted as one of the most valuable member benefits in surveys. So, members will have increasing access to disc golf media and content thanks to investment in existing and future PDGA partners.

PDGA members get FREE Disc Golf Network coverage of select pro tour events in 2022, including:

PLUS, active PDGA members get a 50% discount on a Disc Golf Network subscription - a $60 annual value.

For members in the US and Canada, media benefits include quarterly issues of DiscGolfer Magazine - a $20 value, FREE

These benefits are in addition to the PDGA’s own initiatives to create and host more, new disc golf content on PDGA social media and YouTube channels.

The PDGA and UDisc continue to share a passion for developing products and services for disc golfers. UDisc has been a valued partner over the past three years, providing their product as a benefit for PDGA members during that time. However, UDisc Pro will not be included as a PDGA Member Benefit in 2022. All members current as of September 30 will have UDisc Pro until December 31, 2021. We look forward to continuing to work with UDisc to provide scoring and statistics for elite professional events as we move into the upcoming year and beyond.



A top member benefit, according to surveys of PDGA members, is receiving a discounted entry fee to an increasing number of sanctioned events.

On average, PDGA members compete in 4-5 events per year. That's a discount of $10 on each registration fee on C-tiers for US/Canada members, resulting in a $40-50 annual value.

Plus, active PDGA members have access to player ratings and statistics as well as other resources and tools benefitting the competition experience. 

And, PDGA memberships fund the PDGA’s support of tournament directors and organizers via dedicated staff and event management tools - making the playing experience better for all ages and ability levels. The Event Support Team works seven days a week, providing real, live support to keep all 6,200+ PDGA events running smoothly. This is a significant initiative for 2022 and beyond. 

International membership: Because each national association may also charge a fee, players outside of the US/Canada have a membership price of just $20 for Amateur / Junior and $30 for Professional.



PDGA membership funds new technology development and support, AND gives members access to many new tools. While round and player ratings are likely the most well-known unique technology service, members also benefit from:

  • Increased access to disc golf content thanks to additional equipment and dedicated PDGA staff 
  • - the source for disc golf news, information and member services 
  • FREE player and event management tools, like Tournament Manager and the PDGA Digital Scorecard
  • Digital rulebook and other tools/information sources, like the course directory, updated in real-time and accessible anywhere

PLUS, expect updates to some of your favorite platforms in 2022.



PDGA members value being a part of an organization that stewards and grows the game (The 3rd highest valued benefit according to a member survey).

In 2020, the PDGA experienced an 84% growth in new members, 33% growth in total active members. Through the first nine months of 2021, the PDGA has sanctioned more than 6200 events worldwide.

New members in the US and Canada also receive a custom stamped PDGA disc and mini, a $20 value.

A PDGA membership enables:


Marketing and support of PDGA Majors - the pinnacle of disc golf competition and a major point of awareness for the sport.


Competition endowment program - provides a means to promote charity events, and events that promote the growth of disc golf and PDGA membership.


Youth and education outreach - creating opportunities, including a grant program, for competitive junior disc golf with an emphasis on learning, playing, and enjoying the sport. 


Marco Polo Grant Program - supporting the introduction and development of disc golf into new countries around the world.


International Disc Golf Center - upkeep of disc golf’s permanent home

Click here for a complete list of PDGA member benefits. International member benefits.


Submitted by gfarley on

Consider soliciting a member discount for rental cars, or hotel chains, which is common for many professional organizations and even museum memberships. Given the tourney travel and growing event attendance travel - this could be a plus for members and for businesses.
Thanks - and let me know if you need a volunteer to pursue this effort.

Submitted by gfarley on

My apologies - as I just found this link!
Thanks and well done ; )

Submitted by gatoremt on

Just wondering if the PDGA will be making a better tournament scoring app? Something that is not web-based?

I don't care about DGN and don't watch it. But I did make use of uDisc a whole I've lost a major benefit and didn't gain anything in return. I wish you had worked out an agreement that members could get $5 off of uDisc Pro...but we don't even get that. I've heard more complaints about losing uDiscPro than I've heard cheers for getting DGN.

Agreed. Wish they would bring back uDisc Pro. They could easily pay for it by dropping the "$20 value" DiscGolfer Magazine that I never read - or at least give us an option? more uDisc. uDisc raised the price for pro to $15 a year and PDGA didn't want to raise membership fees. But I wish they had negotiated a discount, even $5 off would have been awesome. I know PDGA has their own scoring app, but uDisc provides so much more. And I have zero interest in DGN. I doubt I'm renewing this year.