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2025 PDGA Majors Announced

2025 PDGA Majors Announced

PDGA Pro Worlds heading to Europe

Wednesday, December 20, 2023 - 03:57

PDGA Major events are the premier competitions for disc golf each year, featuring the world’s best disc golfers competing for Major titles in multiple skill, age, and gender-based divisions. These PDGA marquee events offer any city or town the chance to host an international sporting event in their community, to draw interest and attention to the location, and to generate a significant economic impact for local businesses. 

Hosting a PDGA Major is a challenging task, and interest was shown from several involved local organizing committees (LOC), meaning selecting these events was difficult, as so many excellent bid packages were submitted.  

After much deliberation from the PDGA Staff and the PDGA Board of Directors, the Professional Disc Golf Association is pleased to announce the award of the following 2025 PDGA Major events:

2025 PDGA Professional Disc Golf World Championships


  • 2025 Location: Nokia and Tampere, Finland 
  • 2024 Location: Lynchburg, VA, USA 
  • 2023 Location: Jeffersonville, VT, USA 
  • 2022 Location: Emporia, KS, USA 
  • 2021 Location: Ogden, UT, USA 
  • Received 4 bids

Pro Worlds is headed to Europe! The 2025 PDGA Professional Disc Golf World Championships will be held in Nokia and Tampere, Finland.  

Longtime European Open director Jussi Meresmaa is working with the cities of Nokia and Tampere in Finland, along with the Finnish Disc Golf Association to bring, for the first time, PDGA Pro Worlds to Europe. The event is sure to be a memorable experience for athletes and fans alike. The proposed courses are The Beast in Nokia, an iconic track used to crown European Open champions, and the Tampere Disc Golf Center in Tampere. These two courses will provide fantastic stages for what should be an exciting 2025 PDGA Professional Disc Golf World Championships.

Jussi has run several large events for a number of years, including the most recent European Open, giving him all of the experience and tools needed to host a memorable Pro Worlds. In preparation for the 2025 World Championship, both Pro Worlds courses will be used during the 2024 European Open.

Building on the incredible success that the European Open has had in recent years as a staple PDGA Major on the schedule, Jussi is excited about being the first to host this prestigious event in Finland. The facilities that touring pros have become accustomed to at The Beast in Nokia will be on full display for the world during the summer of 2025. If the crowds seen in Nokia over the years are any indication of the number of spectators expected on the ground, look out, it should be a packed house.

While the largest number of PDGA members are still in the United States, the growth of the sport in Europe has been unprecedented. Touring pros from Europe have been accustomed to traveling to the U.S. for Pro Worlds. In 2025, they get the opportunity to stay close to home and play in Finland.

“Bringing the PDGA World Championships to Finland has been my goal for over a decade. To facilitate that, we have developed the European Open in Nokia as a premier annual Major event and created a new championship level course to Tampere. Combining those two has given us an opportunity to bid for the most prestigious disc golf event in the world. I can´t describe how excited and proud I am to be able to arrange the first ever PDGA Worlds in Europe. It is an honor.” — Jussi Meresmaa

Additionally, with Pro Worlds being played at The Beast and Tampere Disc Golf Center in 2025, the European Open will not be hosted the same year. Instead, the traditional European PDGA Major will take place in Tallinn, Estonia at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. After an incredibly successful European Championships in 2023, the leadership team for the event, including Silver Leetma, Matthias Vutt, Ralf Rogov, and Silver Kütt, is excited to bring PDGA Major disc golf to Estonia. The team will be hosting a DGPT Europe event in 2024 called the European Disc Golf Festival. The 2025 event at this location will serve as the fourth PDGA Pro Major of the season.

“We boast an exceptionally strong and experienced team at Team Disc Golf Estonia. Speaking for everyone on board, we're profoundly grateful for the chance to host a Major tournament in Tallinn come 2025. The European Championships in 2023 marked our ambitious beginning. The European Disc Golf Festival in 2024, a jewel in the DGPT elite series, is set to double in magnitude, paving the way for an even more spectacular Major in 2025.

Our vision is to spotlight Estonia, particularly Tallinn, as a hub on the global disc golf map, hosting an annual top-tier competition that attracts the crème de la crème of players and an enthusiastic, massive audience. We're committed to crafting a disc golf festival that's not just an event but an experience – memorable, eagerly awaited and packed with emotions for years. 

Our goals are ambitious, and our dedication is for the long haul. Thank you for your trust PDGA. We assure you, not only will we meet your expectations, but we'll surpass them.” — Silver Leetma

The PDGA is excited to see two 2025 majors in Europe.

The dates for both the 2025 PDGA Professional Disc Golf World Championships and the 2025 European Disc Golf Festival will be announced in early 2024. The two events will likely be scheduled close to each other on the 2025 schedule to maximize travel efficiencies for players.

2025 PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Championships


  • 2025 Location: Columbia, MO, USA 
  • 2024 Location: Grand Rapids, MI, USA 
  • 2023 Location: Peoria, IL, USA 
  • 2022 Location: Evansville, IN, USA 
  • 2021 Location: Orlando, FL, USA 
  • Received 4 bids 

The 2025 PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Championships will be held in Columbia, Missouri. USA.

Joe Douglass (PDGA #63340), the COMO Disc Golf Club, the City of Columbia, the Columbia CVB, the Columbia Sports Commission, and the Columbia Parks and Recreation Department have been awarded the 2025 PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Championships. The Harmony Bends Championship Disc Golf Course at Strawn Park, the Upper and Lower Courses at Albert-Oakland Park, Indian Hills DGC, the Joseph C. Miller DGC, and the Dam Course at Binder Park may be utilized during the event. Columbia has hosted the long-running Mid-America Open and the 2021 Tim Selinske United States Masters Disc Golf Championship. 

Continued improvements are being made each year to the Harmony Bends course to account for flooding. A new retaining wall has been installed along the creek on hole 18 to address erosion, and additional improvements are planned for the future.

The Gans Creek Recreation Area and Cosmo Park will serve as an excellent site for field events. The Columbia Sports Fieldhouse and the Stephens Lake Park Amphitheater have been proposed as sites for check-in and the opening ceremony.

The PDGA is excited to partner with the Columbia, Missouri team. Bringing the best MA1 and FA1 disc golfers to a renowned course like Harmony Bends for Am Worlds is sure to create fireworks as the best amateur disc golfers battle for world titles.

“Our tournament team, the City of Columbia CVB/Columbia Sports Commission, and the City's Parks and Recreation department are excited to welcome the best amateurs in the world to Columbia in 2025. We know that our city can give the participants the experience that they deserve and look forward to seeing players showcase and test their skills at Harmony Bends and other local courses.” — Joe Douglass

The dates for the 2025 PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Championships will be announced in early 2024.

2025 PDGA Masters Disc Golf World Championships


  • 2025 Location: Twin Cities, MN, USA 
  • 2024 Location: Emporia, KS, USA 
  • 2023 Location: Flagstaff, AZ, USA 
  • 2022 Location: Peoria, IL, USA 
  • 2021 Location: Johnson City, TN, USA 
  • Received 2 bids 

The 2025 PDGA Masters World Championships (both Professional and Amateur) will be held in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, USA. 

Jason Wilder (PDGA #17523), Visit St. Paul, Bethel University, the city of Bloomington, and the city of Minneapolis have been awarded the 2025 PDGA Masters Disc Golf World Championships. The team has proposed using Kaposia Park, North Valley, Oakwood, Bethel University, Kenwood Trails, Bassett Creek Park, Bryant Lake Park, Blue Ribbon Pines, and Highland Park during the event. The Twin Cities hosted the 2001 Pro Worlds and the 2014 Am Worlds. 

The greater Twin Cities metro area has long been one of the top disc golf communities in the world — from the number of courses to the size of the community, as well as some of the talent that has come from Minnesota including multiple divisional PDGA World Champions and two United States Amateur Disc Golf Champions. It is also the home of the longest-running flying disc club, the Minnesota Frisbee Association, which will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2025. The LOC felt it a fitting endeavor to host the PDGA Masters World Championships as an homage to the pioneers of the sport that were so integral to disc golf in Minnesota. Individuals like Joe Feidt, Tim Mackey, Lightning Lyle Jensen, Chuck Kennedy and so many others will be present to assist with, and celebrate, this event and momentous occasion. 

The incredible number of potential courses, the robust Minnesota disc golf scene, the amenities provided in the Twin Cities, and the synchronizing of the event with the 50th anniversary of the MFA will all help this event to be very special for the Masters-aged disc golfers that compete for world titles! 

“The Twin Cities of Minneapolis & St. Paul has a rich disc golf history going back decades. Our state flying disc sports club, the Minnesota Frisbee Association, will be turning 50 in 2025 and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than to host the PDGA Masters World Championships.” — Jason Wilder

The dates for the 2025 PDGA Masters Disc Golf World Championships will be announced in early 2024.

2025 PDGA Junior Disc Golf World Championships


  • 2025 Location: Emporia, KS, USA 
  • 2024 Location: Tulsa, OK, USA 
  • 2023 Location: Peoria, IL, USA 
  • 2022 Location: Peoria, IL, USA 
  • 2018-2021 Location: Emporia, KS, USA 
  • Received no bids, as the event was awarded earlier.

The 2025 PDGA Junior Disc Golf World Championships will be held in Emporia, Kansas, USA.

Jackie Morris, Dynamic Discs, and the city of Emporia, Kansas have been awarded the 2025 PDGA Junior Disc Golf World Championships. This will be the fourth time in the last eight years that the standalone PDGA Junior Worlds has been awarded to Emporia, Kansas. Courses to be used include the Emporia Country Club, Jones East, Jones West, Peter Pan, Hammond Park, and Soden’s Grove. Emporia has hosted the 2013 PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Championships, the 2016 and 2022 PDGA Professional Disc Golf World Championships, and the 2018, 2019, and 2021 PDGA Junior Disc Golf World Championships, along with several National Tour and DGPT events (Glass Blown Open and Dynamic Discs Open).

Former Junior World Champions crowned in Emporia include Cynthia Ricciotti, Zach Arlinghaus, Melody Castruita, and Gannon Buhr, to name a few. What future touring pro will be next to win a world junior title in Emporia?

“Dynamic Discs has been waiting to welcome the Juniors back to Emporia! Junior Worlds is hands-down one of my favorite events to host. It is fascinating to watch the talent and be humbled by the future of our sport. I can't wait to see what I'll learn on and off the course from our youth in 2025.” — Jackie Morris

The city of Emporia is excited to see the return of Junior Worlds to Emporia. The city will be welcoming players and families with open arms as they traditionally do for big disc golf events!

The dates for the 2025 PDGA Junior Disc Golf World Championships will be announced in early 2024.

2025 PDGA United States Women’s Disc Golf Championship


  • 2025 Location: Manitowoc, WI, USA 
  • 2024 Location: Round Rock, TX, USA 
  • 2023 Location: Burlington, NC, USA 
  • 2022 Location: Madison, WI, USA 
  • 2021 Location: Rocklin, Auburn, Orangevale, CA, USA 
  • Received 6 bids 

The 2025 PDGA United States Women’s Disc Golf Championship will take place in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA.

Matthew Strathmann (PDGA #91899), Jim Van Lanen (PDGA #18555), Lakeshore Ladies’ Disc Golf, Discover Eastern Wisconsin Disc Golf, City of Manitowoc Parks Department, Manitowoc Area Convention Bureau, Sheboygan Eagles Disc Golf Club, and Rollin’ Ridge DGC have been awarded the 2025 USWDGC. The Silver Creek DGC, Rollin’ Ridge DGC, Cato Falls DGC, and Indian Creek DGC will be utilized during the event. An interesting fact about Manitowoc is that they were the host for one of the very first DGPT events in 2016 (Silver Cup).

This team has submitted a bid to host the USWDGC for a few years and now they will host one of the largest women-only events in disc golf. Manitowoc is no stranger to women’s events as they are host to the annual Spring Fling Women’s Open.

“Our enthusiastic crew has been working since 2020 bringing U.S. Womens Disc Golf Championships to the Eastern Coast of Wisconsin, now it's time to really get to work. Message us if you want to volunteer. Thank you to the PDGA for trusting in us!” — Jim Van Lanen

The team has comprehensive plans for spectating, volunteers, and both on and off-course activities planned for the hundreds of women disc golfers who will head to Wisconsin for the USWDGC in 2025.

“We appreciate the PDGA's trust in awarding us this opportunity. We cannot wait to showcase some of the best disc golf in the world on the shores of Lake Michigan!” — Matthew Strathmann

The dates for the 2025 United States Women’s Disc Golf Championships will be announced in early 2024.

2025 PDGA Tim Selinske United States Masters Championships


  • 2025 Location: Ruidoso, NM, USA 
  • 2024 Location: Raleigh, NC. USA 
  • 2023 Location: Eugene, OR. USA 
  • 2022 Location: Quad Cities, IL. /IA.  
  • 2021 Location: Columbia, MO. 
  • Received 5 bids 

The 2025 PDGA Tim Selinske United States Masters Championships will be contested in Ruidoso, New Mexico, USA.

Everett Brophy (PDGA #123177) and the city of Ruidoso have been awarded the 2025 Tim Selinske United States Masters Disc Golf Championships. Several courses will be available for this exciting event including Grindstone Park, Moon Mountain, and Oso Canyon. Carrizozo DGC is under construction and may also be used for the event. The city of Ruidoso has recently committed $70,000 to add an additional course prior to 2025. The Inn of the Mountain Gods has also agreed to revive their existing 18-hole course to support the event. There will be no shortage of challenging courses for this event.

Everett not only serves as the New Mexico PDGA State Coordinator, but as the Ruidoso Lodgers’ Tax Chairman and the Ruidoso Parks and Recreation Commission Vice Chairman. He is also the owner of Dynamic Discs New Mexico LLC. He has accomplished quite a bit in Ruidoso over the last five years, including growing the local tournament scene and getting new courses in the ground.

Ruidoso is a tourist town that is used to welcoming guests. The town has also pledged lots of support (both financial and in-kind services) for the event. The Ruidoso bid included well thought out budgets, volunteer plans, course schedule, off course activities and more to make this a true destination event.

Masters-aged disc golfers will enjoy both the disc golf and the beauty of the surrounding area in 2025 at the Tim Selinske United States Masters Disc Golf Championship.

“I am truly honored and beyond excited to host the 2025 Tim Selinske United States Masters Championships, in the beautiful state of New Mexico. We cannot wait to showcase our incredible courses and allow everyone to experience our charming community.” — Everett Brophy

The dates for the 2025 Tim Selinske United States Masters Disc Golf Championships will be announced in early 2024. 

2025 PDGA Champions Cup


  • 2025 Location: Appling, GA, USA 
  • 2024 Location: Morton, IL, USA 
  • 2023 Location: Appling, GA, USA 
  • 2022 Location (inaugural event): Appling, GA, USA  

After the rescheduling and moving of the PDGA Champions Cup from Appling, Georgia to Morton, Illinois in 2024, the PDGA is excited to see the newest major event return to the International Disc Golf Center. 

After the pine beetle infestation and the completion of the resulting tree clearing that caused the event to have to relocate, the IDGC is weeks away from the start of the course redesign and rebuild.  

Keep an eye on for additional news related to the new course in the upcoming weeks. 

"We cannot wait to welcome the disc golf world back to the IDGC for the 2025 PDGA Champion’s Cup! We are confident that the redesigned track and facility will be more than capable and deserving of awarding the first Pro Major of the 2025 season.” — PDGA Deputy Executive Director, Mike Downes

The dates for the 2025 Champions Cup will be announced in early 2024. 


Please join us in offering our congratulations and support to the host communities of these PDGA Major events and the many other communities that displayed tremendous effort to produce a bid package to Host a PDGA Major in 2025. We also would like to extend our gratitude to the communities hosting other PDGA Major events throughout the year — the United States Disc Golf Championship in Rock Hill, South Carolina, the College Disc Golf National Championship, and the United States Amateur Disc Golf Championship in Milford, Michigan. 

Specific dates for these PDGA Majors will be finalized shortly and available on the PDGA website in the coming weeks. We look forward to another exciting year in 2025 and hope to see you on the course!

Registration Dates for 2024 Majors

The 2024 PDGA Majors registration schedules will be released by the end of January 2024. These will include the specific dates for posting PDGA Worlds invite lists and emailing the invitees. 

The 2024 PDGA Worlds invitations cannot be calculated until after the February ratings update, as that is the update that will include all events from the 2023 earning year. That update is used for all initial ratings-based invites. Only after all baseline invites are calculated can the 10% additional invites and the Top 5% ratings-based early registration tier invites be calculated. Invitations will be posted on our website and emailed to players in February or March.

The detailed Worlds invitation criteria are listed here.