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PDGA Diversity and Outreach Grant Application


The purpose of the PDGA Diversity and Outreach Grant Program is to encourage our members to design and implement ways to move the PDGA membership, and the sport of disc golf, toward greater diversity globally. These grants will provide financial assistance for innovative projects, programs, workshops, and activities that strengthen excellence in diversity and outreach for under-represented populations within the PDGA membership. These under-represented populations include Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC), as well as women and girls. While all successful applications will emphasize some aspect of diversity, applicants are encouraged to think creatively about their proposals.

Grants can be used for many purposes, including but not limited to the following:

  • Projects, programs, workshops, or activities intended to increase diversity.
  • Equipment or other material items used to support under-represented groups.
  • Projects to enhance and support the recruitment of new PDGA members from under-represented groups.
  • Workshop leaders or guest speakers on topics of diversity.

Diversity and Outreach Grants must not fund tangible assets (i.e. computers/computer hardware, etc.) that will revert to the owner after the project is complete and are not intended to fund businesses or business plan development.


Applications may be submitted by any PDGA member in good standing, however, teams may consist of non-PDGA members. You must not have been awarded any other PDGA grants for the same project (you will verify that you have not been awarded any other grants for this project from the PDGA in your application below).

Awards can range from $500 to $3000.

Selection Process

Grant applications will be accepted year-round (Note: the process may take up to 4 months). Review of applications by the PDGA Diversity and Outreach Committee will continue contingent on available funds. Applications will be reviewed on the criteria listed below. The proposed project should:

  • Strengthen the PDGA’s commitment to diversity and outreach.
  • Reach a historically under-represented group within the PDGA membership.
  • Contain specific goals/outcomes.
  • Be consistent with the PDGA’s mission and strategic plan.
  • Have clearly defined starting and ending points.
  • Address sustainability (How do you plan to retain/continue this growth?).

Terms and Conditions

If your grant application is approved, the project leader agrees to:

  • Sign an agreement with the PDGA agreeing to abide by the terms of this application.
  • Include the PDGA logo on all printed material
  • Recognize the PDGA in all press announcements and media coverage related to the project.
  • Identify the PDGA as an underwriter of the project.
  • Hold the PDGA harmless from all claims, liabilities, causes of action and judgment arising out of the project.
  • A final report must be submitted within 90 days (the final report may consist of a [30 second - 1 minute] video summary or photo montage and reflection).

PDGA Diversity and Outreach Grant Application

A signature page signed by each team member is required. Scanned documents are acceptable. A brief 30 second - 1 minute video describing the project may be submitted along with the application.

Have you applied for or been awarded a PDGA grant for this project?
up to 25 words
Members of the project team
List the members of the project team, (PDGA member #), and indicate their roles on the project. One member should be identified as Project Team Leader.
List any additional team members and their roles
Contact information for project team leader
Project Narrative

Please be concise and structure the narrative as follows. Do not omit any section.
1. Discuss how the project will strengthen the PDGA’s commitment to diversity by reaching a historically under-represented group within the PDGA membership.
2. Discuss how the project will be implemented. Include the specific roles of each member of the project team.
3. Describe the target audience. Indicate how many participants are expected and, if appropriate, how participants will be selected.
4. Provide a timeline for the project. Be sure to specify at what point the project will be considered complete.
5. Address sustainability/resilience. What kind of follow-up will occur after project completion?
6. Discuss how the project will be publicized and promoted.
7. Will a PDGA Affiliated Club be involved in the project? If so, how will the club be involved?
8. Describe any relevant projects, programs, workshops, or activities members of the project team implemented previously, and the success of those projects.
9. Include additional funding sources.

Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.
Budget and Budget Justification

Required components are:

  • Itemized list of expenses with a brief explanation of each
  • Itemized list of funds anticipated from other sources
  • Amount requested from the PDGA Diversity and Outreach Grant
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.

Final Report

A final report is due 90 days after the expected completion date. Final reports should be submitted to [email protected]. Failure to submit the final report will exempt all project team members from future grant funding.