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PDGA Scholastic Club Grant Application


The Professional Disc Golf Association is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit membership organization dedicated to the promotion and sustainable growth of disc golf. The objective of this grant program is to incentivize and support teachers, coaches, counselors, volunteers, or school administrators who currently supervise, or wish to supervise, a school-affiliated disc golf club. 


Applicants must be an active PDGA member in good standing. 


This grant is available to elementary, middle, and high school teachers, coaches, volunteers, or administrators.  The PDGA Scholastic Club must be recognized by the school as an official club.  Clubs must have regularly scheduled meetings and offer skills-based teaching.  Funds may be used for equipment, uniforms, baskets, travel, events, PDGA junior memberships, and other administrative support.  Applicants may apply for a grant in successive years.

Grant amount:  $500

Terms and Conditions

If the grant application is approved, the recipient agrees to:

  1. Sign an agreement with the PDGA agreeing to abide by the terms of this application.
  2. Promote the PDGA in all media about the club.  This includes using the PDGA logo on all promotional materials.
  3. Ensure that all club supervisors are current PDGA members in good standing.
  4. Provide the PDGA an updated list of all supervisors and club members.
  5. Submit a follow-up report six months after receipt of grant funds detailing how the funds are being used.
  6. Provide documentation of SafeSport® Core Training for club supervisors. 
  7. Hold the PDGA harmless from all claims, liabilities, causes of action and judgment arising out of the club.

In addition to funding, the PDGA will provide assistance in developing a PDGA Scholastic Club.  This includes letters of support, proof of event insurance, and consultations with the PDGA Youth & Education Director.

Selection Process

Grant applications will be accepted year-round.  Review of applications by the PDGA Youth & Education Committee and will continue contingent on available funds.  Applications will be reviewed on the following criteria:

  1. The club strengthens the PDGA’s long-term commitment to growing the sport for young people.
  2. The club is recognized by the school as an official club.
  3. The club meets regularly and appears to be sustainable.
  4. Supervisory roles are specific.  
  5. The target audience is clearly identified.
  6. The club will be publicized and promoted effectively.
  7. A detailed annual budget is provided.

Questions? Please contact the PDGA Youth and Education committee.

School Information
(e.g., Fairview Tigers)
Member Information
Narrative & Budget

Please include the following information in the text entry box provided.  Please be concise.  Please do not omit any section. 

  1. Discuss how the club will strengthen the PDGA’s long-term commitment to growing the sport for young people.
  2. Describe how the club is, or will be, officially recognized by the school.
  3. Indicate how many participants (children) are expected to be part of the club.
  4. List the names of the club supervisor(s) and briefly describe the roles of each.
  5. Provide the timeline for the club, including meeting and event dates.
  6. Discuss how the club will be publicized and promoted.
  7. Discuss the sustainability of the club.
  8. If you are a volunteer at the school (not a teacher, coach, counselor, or administrator), describe and provide documentation how you have been officially vetted by the school.  For example, provide a letter from a school district administrator describing how you have been vetted by the school.
  9. Provide an annual budget with an itemized list of expenses (with a brief explanation of each), and an itemized list of funds anticipated from other sources.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.