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Spectator Etiquette


  • Cell Phone: Please have your phone turned off, on airplane mode, or silenced while spectating.
  • Autographs: Do not approach players for any reason before or during a round. Please only approach players for autographs after a round or in a designated autograph area.
  • Media: Professional photography and video equipment is not allowed on site without media credentials, including but not limited to DSLRs.
  • Pets: Spectators are not permitted to bring pets. Service animals are allowed with proper identification.
  • Always stay behind designated crowd control staff or inside the defined spectator areas.
  • When the players are preparing to throw, please be quiet, and if you are in their line sight, be as still as possible.  Do NOT try to move out of the way unless a player asks.
  • OB Disc: Do NOT touch or move it. Let the players get their own discs.
  • Please respect the requests and needs of the players. This is how many of them make a living.
  • Refer to the spectator guides on where to go between holes and where to stand when spectating a hole.
  • Be aware of competing fairways. While you are watching the action in one area keep an eye out for adjacent fairways. Do not impede play and watch for flying discs!
  • Follow along with the live scores on the PDGA app or at
  • Have fun, be loud when appropriate, and enjoy the action!

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