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Local Limelight

Local Limelight

Andrew Fish enters this weekend's Delaware Disc Golf Challenge as the defending champion, but his impact on the sport goes beyond victories. Photo: Disc Golf Examiner

There are a lot of disc golfers like Andrew Fish, regional players who carve up their local scenes, who might make it on the occasional late-release video coverage or rattle off B- and C-Tier winning streaks. For one reason or another, though, they don’t join the caravan of season-long touring professionals, so they never really break into the national disc golf consciousness.

At the same time, there’s no one quite like Andrew Fish.

Oregon native Lucy Burks takes charge as a 14-year-old tournament director. Courtesy photos

Lucy Burks is just like any other 14-year-old. Her summers in Boring, Oregon – about 15 minutes from Milo McIver State Park, home of this weekend’s PDGA National Tour stop at the Beaver State Fling – are spent swimming, and when it’s raining she likes to splash around in the mud. Her favorite subject in school is history, and she wants to be a doctor or a nurse. “A nurse actually gets the job done,” she quips.

Santa Cruz local Zoltan Szemeredi plans to keep it cool during Friday's first round at the Santa Cruz Masters Cup. Courtesy photo

Lupe Esquivel is passing on his disc golf wisdom to son Isaiah. Courtesy photos

For 13-year-old Isaiah Esquivel, his Christmas comes in April, as the Dynamic Discs Glass Blown Open takes over his hometown of Emporia, Kansas. That “night before” feeling? Try March.

“I was like that like a month ago, just getting ready,” he said.

Steve Berger has called Sin City home for 19 years. Photo: Ranger Peterson

It’s three weeks before the Las Vegas Challenge, and one of the city’s top-rated pros, Steve Berger, has just dropped to his club’s number 19 tag. The timing for an interview, then, could be a bit better.

“You had to ask me today and not yesterday?” the 33-year-old says with a laugh. “I was sitting on tag one yesterday, but I lost it last night.”