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ODDS #1 - Loriella Challenge AM Driven by INNOVA (MA1 & MA40)

ODDS #1 - Loriella Challenge AM Driven by INNOVA (MA1 & MA40)

Event Info

Amateur B-Tier

StatusTotal Players
Event complete; official ratings processed.69

Official Results

Advanced (52)

Logan Jackson #95533
Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States
Taylor Brooks #103209
Sterling, Virginia, United States
Dan Castle #106877
Harrisonburg, Virginia, United States
Jason Abernathie #97486
Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States
Cody Everett #112621
Suffolk, Virginia, United States
Jacob Johnston #83076
Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania, United States
Ricky Wells #105996
Henrico, Virginia, United States
Patrick Smith #33396
Cockeysville, Maryland, United States
Mathew Helms #107024
Edgewater, Maryland, United States
Matthew Dombrosky #89517
Warren, Indiana, United States
Brian Potts #42277
Columbia, Maryland, United States
Kyle Ingraham #69026
Chesterfield, Virginia, United States
Matthew Hernandez #66927
California, Maryland, United States
Douglas Ferrio #89662
Alexandria, Virginia, United States
Kyle Wilson #88480
Vesuvius, Virginia, United States
Adam Sullivan #85442
Pasadena, Maryland, United States
Dustin Phipps #104413
Fort Eustis, Virginia, United States
Seth McCurdy #55419
Stafford, Virginia, United States
Sam Newman #77290
Derwood, Maryland, United States
Austin Kelleher #100733
Mechanicsville, Virginia, United States
Mike Seay #38332
Port Republic, Maryland, United States
Noah Landry #55885
Henrico, Virginia, United States
Tyler Preach Martin #88919
Rockingham, Virginia, United States
Jonathan Spenceley #99843
Centreville, Maryland, United States
Branden Patterson #55886
Unionville, Virginia, United States
Jarrett Johnston #83077
Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania, United States
Matthew Mendenhall #68915
Annandale, Virginia, United States
Aaron Hart #101447
Chester, Virginia, United States
Shawn Coover #54841
Woodbridge, Virginia, United States
Courtney Biel #55913
Staunton, Virginia, United States
Tavis White #56764
Laurel, Maryland, United States
Andrew Garrison #90071
Prnc Frederck, Maryland, United States
Daniel Braught #45970
Hampton, Virginia, United States
Evan Frady #97524
Severna Park, Maryland, United States
Sheldon McGhee #96953
Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States
Ryan Rivas #112226
Orlando, Florida, United States
Michael Cavanaugh #87930
Glenmoore, Pennsylvania, United States
Christian Wiscovitch #101423
Newport News, Virginia, United States
Joseph Little #84478
New Hope, Virginia, United States
Kristopher Garin #114851
Suffolk, Virginia, United States
Kevin Keith #87984
Mt Pleasant, South Carolina, United States
Michael Frey #75304
Lehew, West Virginia, United States
Thomas Rush #100447
Centreville, Virginia, United States
Jonathan Bostic #69065
Lorton, Virginia, United States
Zachary Rubin #98920
Reading, Pennsylvania, United States
James Robbie #98662
Harrisonburg, Virginia, United States
Timothy Dushaw #104289
Forest, Virginia, United States
Andrew Jacks #60198
Culpeper, Virginia, United States
Jeremy Hathaway #69004
Falls Church, Virginia, United States
Jonathan Milton #115146
Spotsylvania, Virginia, United States
Aaron Stone #54417
Lewes, Delaware, United States
Mark Metz #31220
Midland, Virginia, United States
Loriella Park - LC19 White to mostly short (13 Red); 18 holes; Par 54; 5,289 ft.
Loriella Park - LC 19 Red to mostly long (3&16White); 18 holes; Par 64; 7,745 ft.
1390.00Logan Jackson95533954-454955601006114
2382.50Taylor Brooks103209957-35198664975115
3375.00Dan Castle106877927-25099766959116
3375.00Jason Abernathie97486911-25594561998116
5360.00Cody Everett112621945E5693562990118
5360.00Jacob Johnston83076919E5396665967118
5360.00Ricky Wells105996940E5495564975118
8337.50Patrick Smith33396932+15396666959119
9330.00Mathew Helms107024948+25396667952120
10322.50Matthew Dombrosky89517940+35594566959121
11315.00Brian Potts42277934+45297670929122
11315.00Kyle Ingraham69026937+45594567952122
13300.00Matthew Hernandez66927920+55693567952123
13300.00Douglas Ferrio89662954+55693567952123
15285.00Kyle Wilson88480950+75891467952125
15285.00Adam Sullivan85442937+75198674898125
15285.00Dustin Phipps104413941+75594570929125
15285.00Seth McCurdy55419929+75693569936125
15285.00Sam Newman77290939+75792468944125
15285.00Austin Kelleher100733934+75594570929125
21240.00Mike Seay38332944+85693570929126
21240.00Noah Landry55885906+85594571921126
23225.00Tyler Preach Martin88919899+105693572913128
23225.00Jonathan Spenceley99843905+105693572913128
23225.00Branden Patterson55886943+105891470929128
23225.00Jarrett Johnston83077936+105891470929128
23225.00Matthew Mendenhall68915911+105693572913128
28187.50Aaron Hart101447893+115297677875129
28187.50Shawn Coover54841875+116188368944129
28187.50Courtney Biel55913919+115990470929129
28187.50Tavis White56764912+115990470929129
32157.50Andrew Garrison90071918+126089370929130
32157.50Daniel Braught45970911+126386267952130
34142.50Evan Frady97524915+135891473906131
34142.50Sheldon McGhee96953936+135693575890131
36127.50Ryan Rivas112226898+145891474898132
36127.50Michael Cavanaugh87930883+146188371921132
38112.50Christian Wiscovitch101423858+155990474898133
39105.00Joseph Little84478926+166386271921134
4097.50Kristopher Garin114851+185990477875136
4190.00Kevin Keith87984911+206386275890138
4190.00Michael Frey75304893+206386275890138
4375.00Thomas Rush100447921+216287377875139
4375.00Jonathan Bostic69065907+216386276883139
4560.00Zachary Rubin98920912+226188379859140
4652.50James Robbie98662887+246188381844142
4745.00Timothy Dushaw104289818+256782176883143
4837.50Andrew Jacks60198873+286683180852146
4837.50Jeremy Hathaway69004861+286188385813146
5022.50Jonathan Milton115146825+336782184821151
5115.00Aaron Stone54417871+376980086806155
520.00Mark Metz3122088456935999DNF

Amateur Masters 40+ (17)

Harry Adorno #47396
Midlothian, Virginia, United States
Aaron Minnick #49837
Staunton, Virginia, United States
Chuck Aiken III #9231
Richmond, Virginia, United States
Gregory Lambert #78950
Newport News, Virginia, United States
Daniel Hatfield #62717
Arlington, Virginia, United States
Fernando Melendez #79601
Centreville, Virginia, United States
Bob West #100469
Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
Brandon Bailey #11864
Sterling, Virginia, United States
Jeff Shattuck #23454
Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States
J.C. Williams #49488
Ashland, Virginia, United States
James McDaniel #104578
Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States
Pat Mullins #84180
Stafford, Virginia, United States
Jorge "George" Menjivar #68728
Burke, Virginia, United States
James Ruth #29084
Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States
Jeff Braun #67121
Annandale, Virginia, United States
Thomas Andrews #103202
Sanford, North Carolina, United States
Dennis Cavallaro #60797
Ashburn, Virginia, United States
Loriella Park - LC19 White to mostly short (13 Red); 18 holes; Par 54; 5,289 ft.
Loriella Park - LC 19 Red to mostly long (3&16White); 18 holes; Par 64; 7,745 ft.
1102.00Harry Adorno47396928+65396671921124
296.00Aaron Minnick49837912+75792468944125
390.00Chuck Aiken III9231928+95792470929127
484.00Gregory Lambert78950909+105594573906128
578.00Daniel Hatfield62717926+115693573906129
672.00Fernando Melendez79601916+126089370929130
766.00Bob West100469867+135792474898131
766.00Brandon Bailey11864907+135792474898131
766.00Jeff Shattuck23454921+136386268944131
1048.00J.C. Williams49488894+156089373906133
1048.00James McDaniel104578886+155792476883133
1236.00Pat Mullins84180857+196287375890137
1236.00Jorge "George" Menjivar68728908+196683171921137
1424.00James Ruth29084833+226188379859140
1518.00Jeff Braun67121861+296386284821147
1518.00Thomas Andrews103202809+296485283829147
176.00Dennis Cavallaro60797848+316683183829149