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PDGA Sponsorship & Advertising Policy

PDGA Sponsorship & Advertising Policy

Last updated: Thursday, January 18, 2024 - 11:11

This policy is intended to guide the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) and its events in pursuing advertising, sponsorships, and related partnerships between the association and any public, non-profit, philanthropic, or private sector entity. It is also intended to help potential advertisers and sponsors understand the opportunities, benefits, and potential constraints of collaborating with PDGA.

This policy is designed for PDGA Majors and Elite Series events, but may also be used as a general guide. For the purpose of this policy, sponsorship is defined as a mutually beneficial exchange whereby the sponsor receives value in return for payment or goods or services-in-kind provided to the PDGA.

This policy will be posted on the PDGA web site and reviewed annually.


The PDGA will not seek or accept any sponsorship that may damage or compromise—or that may be perceived to damage or compromise—the reputation and mission of the PDGA, our partner networks or the health and well-being of our members.

  • Whenever possible and feasible, the PDGA and PDGA Major and Elite events shall seek funding from a variety of sources. It is understood, however, that occasions may arise when support of a specific event, program, or project from a single source is appropriate.
  • Advertising and sponsorship funds may be used to support special projects and strategic priorities established by PDGA’s Board of Directors.


These guidelines are intended to be practical and accountable. The PDGA reserves the right to refuse any offer of advertising or sponsorship at its absolute discretion or to negotiate with potential advertisers or sponsors concerning any aspect of a proposed advertisement or sponsorship to adhere fully to these guidelines and to the principles stated above.

  • All sponsorships require a formal agreement defining the terms of the sponsorship, including any recognition of the sponsor by the PDGA. Advertising content including marketing language, design and use of company logos, branding strategies, product displays and/or distribution, and digital assets to be used must be defined clearly in all sponsorship agreements and adhere to the PDGA’s brand standards, as well as all PDGA rules, competition standards, and policies.
  • A sponsorship does not imply any exclusive arrangement with PDGA or endorsement of any product or service by the PDGA, nor does it imply any grant of control or influence to the advertiser or sponsor over the content of any PDGA activity, publication, position, or policy.
  • The PDGA reserves the right to request modification or termination of any advertising or sponsorship agreement.
  • The PDGA reserves the right to terminate any advertising or sponsorship agreement if the advertiser or sponsor or its representatives or agents engage in any conduct that would lead the PDGA to determine reasonably that its continued participation in the arrangement would adversely affect the reputation of PDGA, its members or partner network.
  • All sponsorships, advertising, and marketing activities shall comply with the federal, national, state or local laws and regulations of their respective countries and in the jurisdiction of the event.


The PDGA does not accept advertising or sponsorships for products or services that promote federally and nationally illegal activities or controlled substances or that are judged to be demeaning or sexually explicit.

Advertisements or sponsorships for the following require approval by the PDGA at PDGA Major and Elite events. Elite events may also require the approval of the series host (e.g. DGPT):

  • Hard Liquor - any brand of hard liquor or any company exclusively manufacturing or supplying hard liquor. Hard liquor is an alcoholic beverage consisting of distilled spirits with an alcohol content of greater than 14% alcohol by volume (ABV).
  • Weapons - any company or initiative that manufactures or supplies deadly weapons. Deadly weapon means any weapon, whether loaded or unloaded, from which a shot may be discharged, or a switchblade knife, gravity knife, billy, blackjack, bludgeon, or metal knuckles.
  • Tobacco products or establishments - any company or establishment that manufactures or promotes the use of tobacco products of any kind.
  • Gambling opportunities or casinos - any company or establishment whose primary purpose is to provide an opportunity to gamble using real currency.
  • Social causes - organized efforts to affect political or social change in society.
  • Religious interests - any organization of, relating to, or devoted to religious beliefs or observances.
  • CBD products - As per the CBD Product Use Policy at PDGA Events, any and all CBD products manufactured by a potential sponsor must be lab-tested and certified as a "CBD isolate."  No psychoactive levels of THC or compounds thereof are permitted. Any imagery promoting the product must not display smokeable methods of consumption.

Any PDGA Major or Elite event considering a sponsorship with a company in an industry listed above must complete and submit the Sponsorship Approval Form for PDGA Major and Elite Events for each potential sponsor. All requests must be submitted no less than 3 weeks prior to the start of the event. The PDGA will evaluate the full scope of the sponsor arrangement to ensure it meets all guidelines listed above.

Editorial and Style

The PDGA requires that all advertisements and marketing materials meet high professional and editorial standards. Advertising and marketing materials should:

  • Be clearly written.
  • Be professional in appearance and content.
  • Use correct spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.
  • Follow the Associated Press Stylebook unless variance is expressly permitted by the PDGA.
  • Feature links (if applicable) that lead to relevant content that adheres to the PDGA Sponsorship and Advertising Policy.
  • Avoid the use of any trademarked or copyrighted material belonging to a third-party without their express permission.

These guidelines are not inclusive or exhaustive and are subject to change at the discretion of the PDGA at any time.

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